A Beautiful Sunset

Tonight I watched the sunset from the Santa Monica pier. The past week has been really rainy, but it cleared up today to leave us with a gorgeous view. I could see clear across the bay to Catalina Island and beyond. The pier was jam packed at sunset, yet strangely quiet. Everyone was mesmerized by the orange sun sinking into the navy blue water and the only sound was a violinist performing a hauntingly beautiful tune. I felt a sense of camaraderie with the crowd, as if we were all silently asking each other, “How did we get so lucky to live in a place like this?”

I hope you are able find beauty around you this long weekend friends. Have a good one.


Five Fun Links

IMG_2084.JPGI’ve been busy scouring the internet as usual this week, and came across five fun links from all corners. The internet is just so dang good sometimes, don’t you agree?

This “16 Personalities” online quiz is a shorter, more concise version of the Myers Briggs personality test. I got the Advocate personality type: “Advocates tend to see helping others as their purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging rescue efforts and doing charity work, their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.” I think it’s pretty accurate. This quiz only takes about 12 minutes and is free!

A funny article from The New Yorker entitled ‘My fake excuses for flaking on plans dramatized as movie synopses.” Sometimes you just gotta get out of plans at all costs haha!

Are you a fan of The Onion? If so, you might enjoy the website The Babylon Bee. It also creates satirical news headlines about the Christian community. As a Christian, I love to laugh at myself sometimes!

Parabo Press turns your phone photos into tasteful art prints with a border on nice white matte paper. I just ordered 25 prints for eight dollars with a first time users discount!

This short film “Stutterer” from the New Yorker left me speechless (no pun intended). It is about a British man who stutters as he prepares for a first date. I was deeply touched– it’s more than worth 13 minutes of your time!

An Afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch

img_0167Happy Fall friends! Yesterday two of my dearest, oldest friends and I headed to the nearby pumpkin patch– actually, it was more like a pumpkin patch on steroid. Festival is a more accurate word as there were booths, food, music and plenty of festivities. Below are a few photos from our afternoon if you’d like to see!img_0330img_0278img_0198img_0220^Asada fries did not disappoint. They reminded me of Döner, a similar turkish meal I always used to order in Germany.img_0229img_0236img_0238Pumpkin hat anyone? Anyone?img_0243^What a beauty, this oneimg_0249img_0254img_0262img_0267img_0275img_0281^Wow, is she stunning or what?! img_0284img_0290img_0295^Green pumpkins are just as cool as orange if you ask meimg_0297img_0301img_0306^True loveimg_0308img_0310^I was very attached to this gourd…img_0317img_0324^These mini, misshapen gourds were adorableimg_0327img_0333img_0340img_0341img_0347^The happy coupleimg_0154Hope you are able to celebrate fall this week! What are you planning to be for Halloween? My top contender currently is White Trash (i.e. wearing a white trash bag over my clothes…). Pretty lame, I know :p

A Weekend in Texas!

img_9791I just got home last night from a long weekend in Texas! My brother, his fiancé and I flew out to visit my parent’s new home just outside Fort Worth. We also made a trip down to Waco on Friday to see my little brother, who is a freshman at Baylor University. I had a great time, and took an obscene amount of pictures. Below are quite a few if you care to take a gander!img_9530img_9534img_9537img_9539^The guest bedroom. It has all my grandmother’s old furniture, but it looks so nice in this space! My parents even had her bed frame refurbished.img_9543^I played so much piano during my stay! I miss it. img_9549img_9560^My parents haven’t bought much new furniture because they’re not sure how long they will stay in this house after their lease it up. It was kind of strange to see everything from my old house in a new place, but it looked great.img_9568img_9575^The patio with a lake viewimg_9593^On our way to downtown Fort Worth. It’s a really neat city– very laid back with cool shops and a central square to gather for events and such.img_9624^At the Kimball art museumimg_9651img_9660img_9662img_9677img_9699img_9706img_9710img_9734img_9740img_9760img_9786^Watching the sunset from my parent’s dock. I never thought I’d be able to say my parents have a ‘lake house.’ I was in photographer’s heaven!img_9787img_9788img_9800img_9805img_9816img_9838img_9839img_9857^We drove an hour and a half to Waco, and made sure to stop at Magnolia Farms, the design store made famous by Chip and Joanna Gains from the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” I bought some cute ceramic birds that I don’t need…img_9865img_9876img_9880img_9898img_9919^We met up with Isaac at the coffee shop Common Grounds right across from campus. It had some serious hipster vibesimg_9923img_9932img_9934img_9944img_9948img_9951img_9985^Baylor is so beautiful! Very different aesthetics from Pepperdine, but equally collegiate and striking. I am so happy he loves it there 🙂img_9996img_0002img_0013^This has to be my favorite photo from the trip– Isaac is photo bombing the happy couple hardimg_0032img_0037img_0047img_0059img_0061^For some reason the image quality gets significantly reduced when I upload them to WordPress. Any ideas on how to remedy that?img_0089^I have a feeling this photo might show up in your mailbox come December. It has Christmas Card written all over it!

Well, I had a great time Texas! You sure welcomed us with open arms. In fact, I think I brought the heat back with me to California. It is 95 degrees here in Malibu today, and my house doesn’t have air conditioning! Oh well, I’ll survive 🙂


A Weekend with Alena

img_9227I picked my friend Alena up from the airport on Friday afternoon and we headed to Manhattan Beach to hang out until traffic died down. We became friend in Hildesheim two summers ago, and she just finished a six week internship in Vancouver, Canada and decided to explore the US for a little while before flying home. I always enjoy playing tour-guide when friends come into town, as it helps me rediscover and take pride in my own city! We did a few different things this weekend, below are a few photos if you’d like to see.img_9231img_9244^Personally I think I look a little wacko in this photo, what with the slouchy overalls and blurry face haha! But I never have many photos of myself on the blog since I’m always behind the camera, so I thought I’d include it.img_9250img_9251^On Saturday we went to the beach in Malibu. I went in the water for the first time all year– I couldn’t let the warm water pass without jumping in at least once! That would be tragic and irresponsible as a native Californian :pimg_9252img_9267^You could say Alena was excited about the beachimg_9290img_9296img_9300img_9325img_9329img_9365^On the way back we stopped by Pepperdine’s 9/11 flag memorial. Every September they place a flag on the ‘front lawn’ for each person that lost their life in the attacks. A Pepperdine alumna was on the plane headed for Washington DC, and both his daughters currently attend Pepperdine. I find the display beautiful and sobering.img_9374img_9385img_9394^On Sunday after church we went to Smorgasburg, the new LA version of the famous food market in Brooklyn, New York. It has only been open since June, and houses booths of food and local handmade artisan goods. It is opened every Sunday from 10am-5pm and is located in at the Alameda Produce Market downtown. img_9399img_9410img_9412img_9419^How cute is this little trailer shop? Never mind that a T-Shirt was like $50…img_9425img_9446img_9450^Weird donuts are my love language…img_9452img_9457img_9464Well friends, have a great week. I’m headed to Texas on Wednesday to visit family!

A Day In Königstein

IMG_5987Last Friday I took a day trip to the charming town of Königstein to visit my grandpa and his girlfriend Gabby. It is about thirty minutes outside Frankfurt in the foothills, and it was exactly the peace and quiet the doctor ordered! Sometimes you just need to get out of the big city and breath in the clean mountain air or take a walk through the forest. Gabby and I went to the swimming pool (though I did more sunbathing than swimming to be honest), visited the local burg (a defense fortress that looks like a castle), and wandered through the adorable streets. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see!IMG_5918IMG_5925IMG_5926IMG_5927IMG_5928^Me trying to work up the courage to actually jump in the cold water!IMG_5930^Sweet Gabby. She is a dream.IMG_5940IMG_5953^Oh hello, there’s a face on this tree!IMG_5957IMG_5961IMG_5963^The quaint evangelical church where Gabby’s daughter was baptized!IMG_5965IMG_5967IMG_5977^The preacher’s house– not a bad gig!IMG_5990IMG_5993IMG_6001^This Burg was built in the year 1,200! WHAT?!IMG_6008^Those skyscrapers in the far off distance are downtown Frankfurt!IMG_6017IMG_6018^The beautiful German countryside, dotted with little villages.IMG_6022IMG_6025IMG_6034^Posing awkwardlyIMG_6037IMG_6050IMG_6056IMG_6058IMG_6060IMG_6063IMG_6066Don’t you agree that Königstein is the picturesque little town that comes to American’s minds when they think of Germany? I love it. Have a good day friends!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10.53.37 AM.png
Well hello there friends! How are things on your side of the screen? I cannot believe I finish my junior year of college this Wednesday. I will be a senior. WHAT? When exactly did that happen? That title doesn’t even sound right.

Anyways…I’ve been busy studying for finals, writing a research paper, and attending various end of the year events. Nothing too major to report, other than I’m looking forward to some down time to read, write and take photos. Summer is the best.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to relax!

P.s. Photo by the talented Sofie Sund. It reminds me of those long summer evenings spent outdoors.

Happy Weekend

IMG_4468The other day I was walking around downtown Malibu (I use the word downtown loosely here) when I noticed this beautiful field of yellow flowers! For some reason, I don’t remember spring in Malibu very clearly my freshman year, and then I was gone last year, so this is the first time I’m fully experiencing and appreciating it! These yellow flowers really reminded me of the fields of rape seed in Hildesheim, Germany last spring/summer. I always miss the nature of Malibu when I’m home in El Segundo, because it’s very urban and compact. However, yesterday when I was downtown I saw that they cut all these flowers and now it’s just an empty field. Oh well, I’m glad I snapped these pics when I got the chance! This weekend includes homework, a volleyball tournament for my sorority, and a Sunday night concert. What are your plans?IMG_4458IMG_4471IMG_4467IMG_4465IMG_4464IMG_4462IMG_4461IMG_4460

Happy Weekend


Hey friends, sorry for the radio silence around here this past week! School has been kicking my butt. I have to give myself pep talks every once in a while to stay motivated. Five. More. Weeks.

A few friends from Germany are visiting this weekend and we are headed down to my home to celebrate Easter. I’m curious to see what they think of their first American Easter! The weather has been beyond gorgeous lately, it really feels like summer is taunting us.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s a good one.