A Poem for your Wednesday


Sheets of Rain

The sheets are wet
Sopping, dripping, spreading
Cool against my tired skin.
Enveloped in their clean, fresh scent
I notice the rivulets running down my leg
Bunching at my feet in crisp, clear puddles.

The sheets pour harder now
Steaming, pounding, splashing
Atop my weary head.
But luckily I am not alone
There is a boy entangled with me.
His ochre colored hair damp and dewy
To match his fogged up glasses.

Together we tumble forward
Already sheltered from the rain outside
But still hoping to find protection from the storm within
That threatens to drown us out and never let go,
If only we will let it.IMG_9357.JPG

Happy Weekend!

IMG_9195.JPGHey friends, how was your weekend? Early Saturday morning I participated in Pepperdine’s annual Step Forward Day, an initiative to mobilize students and send them out in the community to serve. My group painted a Boys and Girls club in a nearby town, which I thoroughly enjoyed, although it was tiering work! Saturday evening I worked as an usher for a show at campus theater, specifically a Benefit concert for Syrian refugees. The pianist who performed was only nineteen and was one of the youngest people ever admitted to Julliard! What have I been doing with my life for the past twenty years? I’m way behind! 🙂

Sunday has been filled with little errands, homework, and Netflix. I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m trying to rest up before a busy week. I’m rushing for a sorority, which will be time consuming but fun!

How was your weekend? Do you have any fun plans for the days ahead? See you back here soon friends.