Goodbye DBS

Today was my last day at DBS, the school where I’ve worked for the past year. German schools have Project Week the last week of school, where kids get into groups and create things or learn new skills. As a parting gift and project, I made a video about the week along with the help of students. Enjoy!


Tag der offenen Tür Video

Here is a little video I made to capture ‘Tag der offenen Tür’ at my school. This is essentially a day when prospective students and parents come to check out our school! I did face painting and the classes put on booths, games, obstacle courses and much more. It was so much fun. Take a look 🙂


Fulbright Month One Video

Hey friends, how are you? I finally got around to compiling my video clips from the last month into a complete video. I really enjoy capturing my life in this format, but I must admit this time around I’m feeling a little wary of posting. Not because these clips aren’t great or accurately representative of my life, but they simply don’t tell the full story. Sometimes I decide not to post photos or videos to Facebook because I don’t want anyone to feel like their life is less than or negatively compare their story to mine. While living and working abroad has been an incredible experience this far that I wouldn’t trade for the world, I also just want to be honest and mention a few of the many things that aren’t featured in this video, such as:

Frustrations with Visa paperwork
An endless struggle to get internet at home
More than a few missed trains and buses
Trying to decipher utility bills in German
Insecurity about my language ability

And so much more. So while I hope you thoroughly enjoy this video, I just wanted to say that whatever you’re going through, you are not alone. Everyone, without exception, struggles. Social media may make life look shiny, but at the end of the day we are all trying our best to make it one step at a time 🙂 Wishing you a good one, friends!

A little Christmas film

I am the family member who is constantly carrying around a camera, getting in people’s faces and generally slowing everything down. But hey, once they see this little Christmas film I made, I think they will agree it was well worth it! There’s nothing quite like a video to capture moments that photos simply can’t do justice. In fact, I took way more video footage than photos this break. My little cousins are so adorable, I am glad I can go back and watch their tiny faces whenever I want now, no matter how old they get. Christmas 2016 lives on in perpetuity! Enjoy friends.