be my valentine

I am not someone who typically makes a big deal out of Valentines Day. I’m in the “every day should be valentines day” camp. But this year is my first year to have a proper boyfriend on February 14th (gasp). And although it sounds cliché, being someone’s girlfriend has made me a bit mushy. I’m not even with him today, in fact, we are on different continents! But I just want to shout out into the internet void- happy Valentines Day, Trey! It has been nice to learn more about the nature of love from you these past six months.

happy valentines day


  1. Love to my brothers
  2. Love to my parents
  3. Love to my dear Jessica
  4. Love to my friends in Germany
  5. Love to all the refugees and displaced persons in this world
  6. Love to those fighting for justice and peace
  7. Love to the precious children in my life
  8. Love to all the perspective graduates
  9. Love to my Opa (grandpa)
  10. Love to those who need it most