Five Things

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1. I swear I get asked the question, “What are your plans after graduation?” multiple times a day! I’ve started answering with silly things like “I plan to join the circus” or “Become an astronaut.” I have a few post-grad ideas/leads in the works, but nothing concrete. Any suggestions?

2. How is this blog always SO good? It has been my inspiration for years with no sign of stopping. I once emailed the founder/senior editor, and she emailed back right away with the kindest words of encouragement!

3. Have you heard of the podcast “Pod Save America”? I just discovered it and am enjoying listening to an episode before bed each night.

4. I started my new job as a student worker in Pepperdine’s Human Resources department. It’s a lot of new information and new faces, but I’m really enjoying it thus far. Plus, it’s fun to dress professional every now and again.

5. I started an article club on Tuesday nights with my girlfriends. We discuss an article, eat cookies and bask in each others company. Would you ever consider attending or hosting one?


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Five Things

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset1. I attended a Christmas party last night with my sweet friends Meredith and Chloe (pictured above) that was thrown by the Dean of our university. I love a good excuse to get dressed up once in a while and eat your weight in finger foods, don’t you?
2. Tomorrow I have plans to spend the afternoon and evening at The Grove, a beautiful outdoor shopping center in LA with a dear friend. What could be better?
3. Three finals stand in between me and Christmas break, that’s all. I fly home to Texas on Wednesday. I can’t wait, it’s been a long time coming!
4. I snapped the picture below on a drive through a nearby canyon today. Southern California can do Fall right once in a while!
5. This video interview of Barack and Michelle Obama was incredibly inspiring. They talk about the last eight years living in the White House and their experience raising two girls while in office. I miss them already!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Five Things

img_55551. Christmas break cannot come fast enough. I’m not too stressed about finals this semester, but I’m just so burnt out. Senioritis is real.
2. It has been CHILLY and windy here lately. Ok, so that’s coming from a native Californian who thinks anything under 60 degrees is chilly but hey…
3. Have you seen my little Thanksgiving film?
4. Dreaming up plans for this summer already…is that bad? Europe is definitely involved ;p
5. Trying to figure out what to get family for Christmas is always tricky for me. Gift Giving is not one of my love languages haha but I always try to make my gifts a bit more personal.

Six Things


  1. There’s only four and a half weeks left of the semester, including Thanksgiving break. I can’t believe how fast this semester is flying by. I will be a college graduate before I know it…scary thought.
  2. I can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving break with close family friends this year. Even though I’m sad I won’t be with my family, these people are definitely my adoptive family here in California.
  3. I started reading “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah. It’s great! I forgot how much I enjoy reading purely for pleasure.
  4. The new release of Gilmore girls is set for November 25th. Is anyone else planning to binge watch them all in one day?
  5. The election really hit me hard. It was my first time voting and experiencing the event at full capacity. You can read my thoughts on the subject here.
  6. My parents head to Germany for a conference this week. They are spending a day in Frankfurt, meeting my friends from the summer and seeing where I spent three months of my life. While I’m insanely jealous, I’m also SO excited for them and can’t wait to hear all about it when they get back. They better take tons of pictures or else!img_0899img_0911img_0928img_0961img_0987img_0991P.s. a few (unedited) photos from downtown LA the other day

Nine Things


  1. I recently started watching the show “Portlandia.” It’s a series of skits about two main characters living in Portland and makes fun of hipster culture. As a self identified hipster of sorts, I find the show hilariously accurate and entertaining. It’s on Netflix– check it out if you need a good laugh!
  2. I finally washed my sheets. It had been way too long. It’s amazing how clean, warm sheets can really cheer a person up!
  3. Today I took a long walk on the beach with no destination in mind. I got sunburnt (in October!) but it worked wonders for clearing my head. There’s way too many thoughts floating around in there at any given moment.
  4. This weekend is a three day weekend for my university. Enough said.
  5. Halloween decorations are in full swing around here. Is anyone else still in shock that it is already October 5th?! Christmas is practically next week…
  6. I started babysitting at the crack of dawn this morning. But it was all worth it when the little girl woke up and said without hesitation, “Micah!” It feels so good to be recognized ;p
  7. I had coffee with an old friend the other day. She was telling me about her masters degree in linguistics, and how much she enjoyed studying the specifics of language. This sounded right up my alley, so now I’m researching linguistics programs! We shall see what happens.
  8. On the way to drop my friend off at the airport last Friday we stopped by Venice Beach. It is such a funky, colorful, lively place. We walked around Abbot-Kinney and then along the beach. If you’re in the area and haven’t been, I would definitely recommend a visit!
  9. Cafecito Organico is a coffee shop in Malibu with great coffee. It’s nice to branch out from Starbucks every once in a while, don’t you agree?img_9809

Seven Things

img_98301. My friend Alena flies back to Germany tomorrow– can I go in her suitcase? It’s been nice to have a friend by my side these past couple of days. I will miss her!
2. My Fulbright interview went really well last week. The national deadline is October 11th and then it’s out of my hands until I hear back in March. Fingers crossed!
3. I went to a small group Bible study through my church RealityLA for the first time on Wednesday night and LOVED IT. The people were so genuine and refreshing. I will definitely go back next week.
4. I miss Germany more and more each day.
5. I’m currently reading “Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Book Store” by Robin Sloan. It is an easy, light-hearted read, which is exactly what I needed to break up all the required reading for school. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some good ol’ fiction!
6. I’m listening to the podcast “How I Built This” right now. It’s all about people who built a company from the ground up, and it’s so fascinating. It makes me want to go out and scheme up some big idea to be the next Steve Jobs haha!
7. I’m getting new tires on Saturday as my early Christmas present. Being an adult sure is fun sometimes…img_9828img_9829img_9832img_9833

Eight Things


  1. I submitted my Fulbright application on Tuesday. Now I have to schedule an interview with my school’s reviewing committee next week, in which they will give me suggestions and edits to make before resubmitting it for the national deadline on October 11th. It feels like such a weight off my shoulders to finally have the essays written and all my recommendations in on time!
  2. My friend Alena from Hildesheim, Germany is flying in tomorrow to visit me! I can’t wait to speak German with her and show her around my stomping grounds 🙂
  3. I fly to Dallas/Fort worth next Wednesday to visit my parents and brother. I’ve never been to that part of the world, so I’m itching to explore! It’s funny, if I don’t get on a plane at least once every three months or so I get really antsy and stir-crazy. I guess I’m a nomad at heart.
  4. I am seriously thinking about applying to grad school in Germany…so yeah, that’s a big deal. I was against grad school for a long time, but now God is working on my heart in new ways. I think it might be a great option after graduation!
  5. I love my church, RealityLA. I just signed up for a small group on Wednesdays and I could not be more stoked. It’s nice to meet people from such diverse backgrounds and not just college students for a change.
  6. This blog is still my all-time favorite. It’s the blog that inspired me to start my own way back in the day.
  7. I went to a German restaurant in Venice last night called Wurstküche. Although it’s not in Germany, I will admit the bratwurst was pretty dang delicious.
  8. As a native Californian I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never been to Joshua Tree National Park, and I plan to remedy that this school year! Have you been?

P.s This picture of a young Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher hanging out just kills me for some reason 🙂

Ten Things

IMG_88321. Syllabi always give me anxiety. The first week of school is a bombardment of syllabi from every class informing you of all the work ahead this semester. I have to remind myself to take a deep breath and reaaaaaxxxx…it will all get done.
2. I’m fasting today. I’ve never fasted before, but always wanted to try it as a spiritual discipline. Not too many hunger pains thus far I’m glad to report, although it’s only 10am haha! My goal is to make room for God to fill the space in my daily life. where food usually is.
3. I miss Germany. There, I said it.
4. I restrung my brother’s old guitar (a terrifying experience) and bought a capo. I even made my own pick out of an old credit card! I plan to shape up on my guitar skills this semester. It’s such a cathartic hobby.
5. My little brother is having a grand old time in Texas. He went to the first Baylor football game of the season and got to run across the entire field with all the other freshies before it began. I’m really looking forward to visiting him and my parents in Texas at the end of the month!
6. Loving the photos on this blog. Very inspiring. I need to get out and practice my photography.
7. I got a ticket for (allegedly) not stopping long enough at a stop sign back in May. I contested it and got a court date of August 31st. I showed up at 8am in Santa Monica, dressed to the nines, ready to argue my case before the honorable judge and courtroom. But then THE OFFICER DIDN’T SHOW UP! There is a god people, he is real. I got my $283 back– Christmas came early this year. You can see my celebratory Instagram post here.
8. Really want to get another tattoo (sorry mom and dad). Still thinking about what it might be. I know I want a German word and have an idea of where on my body I would like it. But the exact word is still in process.
9. The internet is really funny. I laid in bed for an hour today just scrolling through Instagram and laughing out loud by myself.
10. This article is hilarious and sadly true.IMG_8846

A Happy List

IMG_2438.JPGTwenty things I that have made me happy lately:

  1. The rain storm Sunday night.
  2. My fuzzy white blanket.
  3. Acoustic guitar music.
  4. Chance run-ins with old friends.
  5. Of course, coffee. So so much coffee.
  6. Messing around with my camera.
  7. When someone is genuinely passionate about something and their passion rubs off on you.
  8. Decorating the Christmas tree.
  9. Windy mornings.
  10. Light pink cotton candy sunsets.
  11. Finding the perfect Christmas present for someone.
  12. Bonding in the misery of finals.
  13. A text that makes you laugh out loud.
  14. Staring out the window on long car rides.
  15. Listening to a song so many times you feel it in your bones.
  16. Phone conversations with my parents.
  17. Thrift store finds!
  18. Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume.
  19. Hot showers.
  20. Feeling excited about the future.IMG_2485.JPG