A Happy List

I wrote this little Happy List in the Amsterdam airport the day after I was supposed to be home. That’s right, I missed my flight. I guess Europe just really didn’t want me to leave! Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling too happy. So I jotted down 20 little things in this life of mine that bring me joy, and I felt better almost immediately. Enjoy!
1. In N’ Out Burgers.
2. Falling into bed after a long day of travel.
3. Church potlucks.
4. Summer camp!
5. Intense card games with friends.
6. Forming coherent sentences in German- haha!
7. Star gazing.
8. Seeing a shooting star!
9. Unnecessarily long showers.
10. A fresh, new haircut.
11. Getting snail mail.
12. Giving the perfect gift.
13. Coffee dates with mama.
14. Summer thunder storms (a German specialty).
15. Reading on the beach.
16. Painting with watercolors.
17. The excitement and nervousness around the start of a new school year.
18. A good conversation with the person sitting next to you on the airplane!
19. Prosecco 🙂
20. Home sweet home.