Santa Fe

fullsizeoutput_4105Why did no one tell me how amazing Santa Fe is?! Really, I think it is the most underrated city in the nation! It is the land of a million art galleries, artisan good shops, and green chili enchiladas. I spend the afternoon wandering the quaint streets, perusing the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and listening to live mariachi music in the town square. Friends, if you’re a fan of Southwest culture and, well, beauty in general, I implore you to check this place out!fullsizeoutput_4109fullsizeoutput_411bfullsizeoutput_411afullsizeoutput_4119fullsizeoutput_4118fullsizeoutput_4117fullsizeoutput_4116fullsizeoutput_4115fullsizeoutput_4114fullsizeoutput_4113fullsizeoutput_4112fullsizeoutput_4111fullsizeoutput_4110fullsizeoutput_410ffullsizeoutput_410cfullsizeoutput_410afullsizeoutput_410efullsizeoutput_410dfullsizeoutput_410bfullsizeoutput_411cfullsizeoutput_411d