First Day of School!

DSC_0419.JPGGrowing up, the first day of school was always a HUGE deal. I would spend hours the night before painstakingly picking out the perfect outfit and packing my backpack. Then in the morning, my mom would make Potato Pancakes and take our picture on the front step before we headed out. My brother and I walked the three blocks to school together for many years, mostly in silence because we were so tired. But those were some of my favorite moments. Just walking quietly side by side.

Today is the first day of my semester. And while there is not quite as much pomp and circumstance, I still can’t help but feel a bit excited. Sure, it means a whole lot of work and stress, but it also means new friendships, skills, and opportunities. I can’t wait to see what the next four months hold, and I’m thankful you, sweet readers, are along for the ride. Have a good one!DSC_0422.JPG


Gearing Up for Another Semester


Oh man. School starts on Monday and I don’t know how I feel. I’m going to a retreat this weekend, which will be a nice way to ease back into the social scene. The retreat is called “Unplugged” and you are not allowed to use any technology for the entire three days. I am really looking forward to stepping away from my screen to gain a little perspective.

I always like second semester better than first. The weather is warmer and the days are longer. But most of all, you’ve already found your niché and can hit the ground running. You don’t have to exert as much effort to get things started. I feel more confident in my place as a junior on campus and know what that entails.

I’m looking forward to investing more in established relationships and forming brand new ones. I can’t wait to figure out my plans for this summer and start dreaming about senior year. Since when do I only have three semesters of college left? I refuse to believe its true.

How are you these days? Thanks for reading my random ramblings! Let’s talk again soon.DSC_0438.JPG