I went to the Palmengarten on Saturday with a few ladies from the church. It is a beautiful, peaceful botanical garden smack dab in the middle of urban Frankfurt. You can even see the skyscrapers downtown from the middle of the garden! It was such a relaxing morning, and some of the plants (like the cacti pictured below) really reminded me of California. I would definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in Frankfurt– the cost is seven euro for regular adults and three for students.

I hope you’re having a great week!



Life Lately


If procrastination was a sport, I would win. Every time. Exhibit A: Finals 2015.  I should be studying as I type this, but oh well! Life lately has been a bit of a roller coaster. Some days I am crazy busy and overwhelmed, while other days I am completely free and relaxed. But come Thursday, finals will be over and I will be at home on my couch eating exorbitant amounts of Peppermint bark and watching Modern Family.

What are your plans for this Christmas season? My family and I are road tripping to Zion National Park in Utah for a few days after Christmas. I’ve never been and I’m so excited! It’s gonna be cooooold.

Below are a few photos from life lately, if you’d like to see.

IMG_8818.JPG^My family already bought and decorated our Christmas tree at home without me (Why college? Why?) so I was thrilled when my friend Michaela invited me to help pick out their family’s tree last weekend. It was difficult to find a good tree since most of them are overly dry because of the drought here in California. But I think we found a winner.

IMG_8801.JPGIMG_8802.JPG^She’s a clown, this one. I think its funny how girls can entertain themselves for hours just taking pictures of each other!

IMG_8819.jpg^Doesn’t it look pretty up against the red wall?IMG_8834.jpg^The sunsets around here lately have been out of this world. I still can’t get over how early the sun sets now a days though…

Well friends, that concludes this random rambling post. I hope your life lately has been filled with joy, laughter, and Christmas cookies! Have a good one.

A Poem For Your Wednesday


You and I both know this place is haunted
You and I both know the ghost is me
Haunting you, haunting myself
Finding a home in other people
Nowhere to rest my head at night
Wandering, waiting, missing
Half asleep, half awake
Caught in between the light and the darkness
Never quite sure which way to go
You see, the conscience in my head is broken
My moral compass no longer points due North
The ghost is my own
My memories of you won’t die
They linger on, reappearing when I least expect them
Ghosts to me

Everyone knowns love is like ghosts
Never really alive, yet unable to die
Sometime I see you in the moonlight
Dancing, laughing, shimmering
No language can convey your spirit
Slipping from my mind before I can grasp it
Unattainable, but more real than anything I’ve every experienced
Can’t you see them? Go on now, just beyond your finger tips
Ghosts to me

Attempting my hand at poetry these days. What did you think?