Rock the Brock

img_8955The president of my school has an annual tradition of holding a party at his house (the Brock House) for just the seniors. The soiree is called ‘Rock the Brock’ because his rock band Mid-Life Crisis performs and a giant dance party ensues. They also raffled off prizes, including $5,000 throughout the night, and had a big buffet of food and desserts. You could say I was a happy camper. Even though Pepperdine is a relatively small school, I was surprised at how many unfamiliar faces I encountered last night. Do all these people really go here and I’ve just never met them? Haha I guess so! But I did know quite a few people as well, which was reassuring. I guess I’m not a total recluse. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see!img_8920img_8921^Our mascot Willie the Wave dancing up a stormimg_8924img_8931img_8933^The event started at 6:30- perfect golden light! I can definitely tell fall is  in the air, no more endless summer sun.img_8941img_8942img_8946img_8947img_8952^Two sweet friends, one of which is my buddy in German classimg_8962img_8965^These charming ladies have been there for me since the start of college 😉img_8968img_8981img_8985img_8986img_8994^My class cleans up niceimg_8996img_9003^Note to self: become university president so I can have a view like this…img_9007img_9010img_9015img_9042img_9058^Wild childrenimg_9082^My OG roommate and long-time friend Lauraimg_9091img_9095img_9046Well friends, have a great weekend!

Happy Weekend!

IMG_9541Hey friends, it’s the freakin’ weekend! Not only that, but I had Friday off due to a faculty conference, so it’s a three day weekend! WOOHOO! It was a long week for me academically, so I am more than okay lying around in my PJs for hours on end and catching up on Netflix. But I did take a quick break from my laziness to visit the Malibu pier and eat at Malibu Farm Cafe on Friday. The food at Malibu Farm is all organic and locally grown, not to mention delicious- 5/5 stars, would highly recommend! Plus, the view from your table can’t be beat. Below are a few photos from the outing if you care to take a quick look. I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. I’ll meet you back here in the blink of an eye friends.IMG_9542IMG_9544IMG_9545IMG_9553IMG_9557IMG_9558IMG_9559IMG_9561IMG_9571IMG_9575IMG_9580IMG_9581IMG_9587