Happy Weekend!

DSC_0331.JPG Hey there friends! I’m sorry it’s been a bit quieter around here this week- my life definitely hasn’t been quiet, that’s for sure! There are seasons where school is all consuming, and others where I have a bit more time on my hands to pursue my passions, like this blog. Hopefully I will have a bit more breathing room next week to whip up some killer posts! In the meantime, enjoy these photos I took last night when I should have been studying :p

DSC_0358.JPGDSC_0396.JPGDSC_0468.JPGWhat are your plans for the weekend? Mine include pumpkin carving, a halloween party at which I will be dressed as Little Red Ridding Hood, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I’ll meet you back here on Monday before we know it!

Happy Weekend

TGIF, am I right?! What a week it has been. Time lately has been simultaneously flying by and crawling by. On Wednesday I went to the Malibu Pier, my happy place, to take a deep breath and spend some time by the sea. It always does me good. Thursday started off rough with a faulty alarm clock (oops) and me running to class in my pajamas…#noregret. Tonight I am going to a Haunted Hayride in Hollywood and Saturday includes plans to visit a pumpkin patch! Gotta soak up fall while we still can, or at least SoCal’s lame version of fall. What’s on the docket for you this weekend? I’d genuinely like to hear! Have a good one friends.