A Nashville Thanksgiving

Hello there friends! Long time, no blog. I’ve sunk deep into vacation mode and am having a hard time resurfacing. Anyone else feeling that way? Luckily, Christmas break is just three short weeks away. The only thing standing between me and lying on the couch eating peppermint bark is finals. There are some parts of college I won’t miss so much. But I digress…

Saturday the 21st, my family flew to Nashville for some much needed r&r with our extended family. Upon arrival, I was struck by the beauty of autumn. We were a few weeks too late to see the full foliage, as many of the leaves had already fallen, but I was  happy to see any color at all! This California girl misses the seasons. We spent the week playing tourist, eating loads of Turkey, and goofing around with our little cousins. They. Are. So. Cute. Keep reading for more details and pictures!

IMG_2199IMG_2215IMG_2172IMG_2197IMG_1468^This is the main street in the town of Franklin, about 30 minutes outside of Nashville. It is quintessential small town America. I could have spent all day wandering into the adorable little shops. If only my brothers felt the same.
IMG_1468^Franklin city hall! IMG_1491
^Our Airbnb in the neighborhood of 12 South, an up and coming area in Nashville. I took way too many photos of that tree…IMG_1585IMG_1542^Sunday night we went to Pinewood Social, a club with a restaurant, a pool, a cafe, a bowling alley and much more. Not gonna lie, I may have lost in bowling to my four year old cousin…IMG_1657IMG_1647IMG_1644^The three pictures above are taken in Hillsborough Village, a neighborhood in Nashville near Vanderbilt University. I love all the different pockets of the city, each with its own unique charm.IMG_1689IMG_1685IMG_1679IMG_1669^Next we toured the home of Barbara Mandrell, a famous country singer. It is the largest log-cabin home in the world and sits on 136 acres of forest. Countless country music stars have stayed there and left their mark. I got to play Miranda Lambert’s guitar!IMG_2083IMG_2033IMG_2025IMG_1951IMG_1994IMG_1909IMG_1908^Thanksgiving day was delicious. We started off the morning with the Boulevard Bolt, an annual 5 mile race through the historic neighborhood of Bellmeade, with proceeds going towards homelessness. I definitely walked the entire thing, but it still counts. Then we headed home to stuff ourselves with turkey and pie.IMG_2013^Cousins straight off the Mayflower.IMG_1875IMG_2243IMG_2180^Estelle was thrilled to have her photo taken.

IMG_2145IMG_2141IMG_2134^This red hair! My grandpa had red hair, so maybe that’s where it comes from.IMG_2186IMG_1844IMG_1814IMG_1639IMG_1635IMG_1632Thanks for the great memories Nashville, I’ll be sure to visit again soon!

Question of the Day
What did you do for Thanksgiving? And have you seen my video?

A Little Thanksgiving Film

Hey friends! It’s been too long.

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was one for the books. My immediate family and I flew to Nashville last Saturday to spend the week with my extended family. Our clan is spread out through all ages, but right now we have six little kids under the age of five! As you can guess, this makes for ample amounts of fun and equal amounts of chaos. I adore spending quality time with them and watching them grow up year by year. I was blown away by the difference one year can make. It is truly a special experience. This year, we decided to dress the little girls up as pilgrims, straight off the Mayflower. America is in good hands with them! Be sure to watch this little film I made above to see their cuteness in real time.

Have a good one friends, and if you find yourself stressed out, just remember that Christmas is right around the corner.

P.s. More Nashville Thanksgiving posts to follow soon.

Happy Weekend- Nashville, Here I Come!

Fight-Gangs_04799400902.jpg(Photo via here)

I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. If I don’t get on a plane every few months, I start feeling itchy and restless. Luckily, I am headed to Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow morning to get my travel fix! The last time I visited Nashville was four years ago when I was checking out a potential college, and I remember loving the city. I can’t wait to explore again, see my extended family, and eat lots of Turkey on Thursday. Things may be a bit silent around here as I sink deeper and deeper into ‘vacation mode‘ but I will be back next week with lots of pretty pictures and stories to tell. Have a great Thanksgiving friends!