Lists of Note

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThings I will miss when I die


Crawling into fresh sheets

Violin music

Texting my brother

That satisfied feeling you get when you finally break through the ice with someone

Taking polaroids



Things I won’t miss when I die

The insane amount of paper work required in Germany

German pronouns

Uncomfortable bras


Dirty dishes



lists of note

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things i will miss about california

  1. the color of the ocean at sunset
  2. the mountains
  3. the sense that so many people’s dreams are made here
  4. year-round tans
  5. malibu canyon
  6. piers
  7. disneyland
  8. my older brother
  9. my cousins
  10. driving along the coast with the windows down
  11. liberal attitudes
  12. colorful people
  13. the fact that there’s no one ‘prescribed lifestyle’
  14. tiny spanish bungalows
  15. the lack of bugs

things i won’t miss about california

  1. the traffic
  2. the 405 at any time of day
  3. the 101
  4. did i mention the traffic?
  5. smog
  6. the lack of eye contact
  7. the crazy fast-paced hustle/business
  8. those toned people who only eat fruits and vegetable supplements
  9. crappy public transportation
  10. six dollar lattes

Lists of note

IMG_2576.jpgThings I would tell my freshman self

  1. do your laundry. often.
  2. don’t buy into the hype that all college students have to stay up late.
  3. maybe only drink two cups of coffee a day. three if absolutely necessary.
  4. all-nighters are never a good idea.
  5. things will get easier. you will make friends, just be patient.
  6. only say yes to the things you really care about.
  7. tell your roommate you appreciate her. she really is a good one.
  8. procrastination is not trendy.
  9. abroad will be incredible. savor it.
  10. stop dying your hair red.

Lists of Note

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Memories from the last four years

  1. When my brother and I found out we were both going to be RA’s for the coming year at the same time.
  2. The night Sarah and I drove down the coast and watched the sunset from the trunk of my car.
  3. When Jake and I rode bikes back from a party in Heidelberg and made a late night pit stop for crepes.
  4. All the times Sean and I wrote together at Cafecito Organico.
  5. That one night under the old bridge drinking Starbucks hot chocolate with Conner.
  6. Star gazing with Aaron at Gemünden.
  7. Finding out I got the Fulbright.
  8. Eating a traditional Syrian brunch with Omer in his apartment.
  9. Sipping German beer on Adele and Helea’s roof in Frankfurt.
  10. Griffith Observatory with Isaac.
  11. Lazy mornings with my little munchkin Winnie.
  12. Playing soccer with Aerick.
  13. Goofing around in Sue’s garden for hours.
  14. When I had my first dream in German (!).
  15. Hanging with Mike and the RealityLA crew.

Lists of Note

Ten Pieces of Advice to My Former Self

  1. Drink more water, alright?
  2. Get an old fashioned alarm clock. A phone is just not the same.
  3. Bangs are a big life commitment. Think long and hard before taking the leap.
  4. Sometimes it’s okay to spend money on yourself. As Tommy Haverford would say, “Treat yourself!”
  5. Stop checking Instagram ten times an hour. Definitely not productive.
  6. Apply for things you think are ‘above you.’ You never know– why not you?
  7. Call your family members often.
  8. Read voraciously. The world belongs to those who read.
  9. Write, even when you think it’s crap, just keep writing.
  10. You have a nice laugh. Use it often.

Lists of Note

7107178035_75b2a69c73_b (1)My Favorite Objects

  1. Polaroid Camera
  2. Group photo from Heidelberg
  3. German art prints from the little shop FarbeReich
  4. My paintbrushes
  5. PutPut, my glamorous Honda CRV
  6. The H&M jeans I wore literally every day last summer
  7. Frankfurt coffee mug
  8. Las Vegas postcard from Lars and Julia
  9. Copy of The Great Gatsby
  10. DSLR Camera
  11. BurtsBees lip balm
  12. Soft fuzzy white blanket, a gift from Sajad
  13. The sign Sue gave me as a going-away present
  14. Pink journal
  15. SwatchWatch

    P.s. Photo from here