Happy Weekend

TGIF, am I right?! What a week it has been. Time lately has been simultaneously flying by and crawling by. On Wednesday I went to the Malibu Pier, my happy place, to take a deep breath and spend some time by the sea. It always does me good. Thursday started off rough with a faulty alarm clock (oops) and me running to class in my pajamas…#noregret. Tonight I am going to a Haunted Hayride in Hollywood and Saturday includes plans to visit a pumpkin patch! Gotta soak up fall while we still can, or at least SoCal’s lame version of fall. What’s on the docket for you this weekend? I’d genuinely like to hear! Have a good one friends.

Happy Weekend!

IMG_8169.JPGHappy Friday friends! How was your week? Mine was full of surprises. At 6:30am on Wednesday morning, I was ‘kidnapped’ by my sorority, driven to the beach, and encouraged to jump in the water with the rest of my new sisters! Luckily, it wasn’t too cold, and actually provided a refreshing start to my day. I got more done before 8am than I usually do in 24 hours! Another nice surprise came when I got an A on my test (not to brag or anything, but my essay on Mesopotamia was pretty dang good..haha!). I’m spending this weekend at home to celebrate my dad’s 5?th birthday and to see my cousin and uncle’s baptisms on Sunday.
What are you up to this weekend? Is the weather nice and fall-ish where you live? It is in the 90’s here and it’s making me mad! Where are you Fall? Hurry on up.

See you back here soon friends.

Happy Weekend!

IMG_9541Hey friends, it’s the freakin’ weekend! Not only that, but I had Friday off due to a faculty conference, so it’s a three day weekend! WOOHOO! It was a long week for me academically, so I am more than okay lying around in my PJs for hours on end and catching up on Netflix. But I did take a quick break from my laziness to visit the Malibu pier and eat at Malibu Farm Cafe on Friday. The food at Malibu Farm is all organic and locally grown, not to mention delicious- 5/5 stars, would highly recommend! Plus, the view from your table can’t be beat. Below are a few photos from the outing if you care to take a quick look. I hope you enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. I’ll meet you back here in the blink of an eye friends.IMG_9542IMG_9544IMG_9545IMG_9553IMG_9557IMG_9558IMG_9559IMG_9561IMG_9571IMG_9575IMG_9580IMG_9581IMG_9587

A Poem For You, Autumn


A poem for my friend, Autumn:

Leaves are waiting to fall, pensive, and uncertain
School is in full swing, and the day sleeps sooner
Holidays lay on the horizon, eager to be celebrated
A crispness hangs in the air
Candles are lit, filling homes with musty fragrance
Scarves are unpacked, ready to be worn
Pumpkin spice lattes are brewed, begging to be savored
I wait in hopeful anticipation of your arrival
My friend Autumn, hurry on up
You are welcome here

P.s. I have to write poetry for my class this semester, so I’m experimenting. What do you think? Oh, and the picture above is from my trip to Paris last November. It was magical but I was also FREEZING MY BUTT OFF.