A Happy List

IMG_8030.jpgHello friends, how have you been? I hope this Sunday morning post finds you well. How have I been, you ask? Well, I am a bit exhausted. I have been rushing for a sorority the past four days, and I find out the final results tomorrow. It has been a fun but draining process, so I thought I’d whip up a little happy list to keep my spirits high and remind me of all the wonderful details in life that I often don’t take time to properly appreciate.

1. The golden sunlight in the hours just before sunset.
2. Brunch! I want to start a Brunch Club, anyone interested?
3. Scrolling through old photos that fill me with happy memories.
4. Writing for the sake of it.
5. Discovering new tunes to jam to in the car.
6. Brushing up on my guitar skills.
7. Bing-listening to podcasts.
8. Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.
9. Finishing a project that’s been nagging you for ages.
10. Sending/receiving postcards.

Question of the Day
What is one thing that’s made you happy today?

A Happy List

1. Fresh, crisp sheets.
2. Drinking coffee from my favorite mug.
3. Fascinating documentaries.
4. Saturdays with nothing on the calendar!
5. Evening hikes.
6. When someone’s passion/excitement for something rubs off on you!
7. Singing in the car alone at the top of your voice.
8. Surprise parties.
9. Back to school shopping (never too old!).
10. Moving furniture.
11. Sending/Receiving snail mail.
12. Getting new blog followers (that’s you *wink wink*)!
13. Binge watching Netflix.
14. Cooking a delicious meal from scratch!
15. Unexpected compliments.
16. Reunions with old friends.
17. Labor day. My family alway has a barbecue/swim party.
18. Starting a new book you just know is going to be good.
19. Making my bed (weird, I know).
20. Lounging on the sofa.

Question of the Day
What’s one little detail that made you happy today?