20 reasons to drink a cup of coffee right now


  1. Tastes heavenly
  2. Smells lovely
  3. It’s classic Instagram photo material
  4. So many pretty mugs to choose from
  5. Feels warm in your hands
  6. Sipping burns calories
  7. Distracts you from whatever boring task you’re doing
  8. Life is hard
  9. Gives you just a little bit of extra energy
  10. Goes great with cookies
  11. It’s winter and it’s cold out
  12. It’s social– drink with your friends!
  13. Facilitates conversation
  14. Brings back memories
  15. You’re part of a long tradition of coffee drinkers and coffee lovers
  16. You work hard and need a break
  17. Signals to others that you’re busy right now
  18. Forces you to slow down
  19. Compliments any outfit
  20. Why not?

A Santa Monica Coffee Date

Here at Pepperdine we like to say we get trapped in the “Pepperdine Bubble.” That is, we don’t leave campus for days or weeks on end and forget there is a great big world out there beyond Pepperdine. I tend to get caught up in my school life and let my focus turn too narrow and inward. Once in a while I need a breath of fresh air. So today my friend Sarah (who has made many appearances on this blog) and I went to Primo Passo Coffee shop on Montana Boulevard in Santa Monica for a little break. We needed to burst the bubble! I had so much fun sipping my latte, taking polaroids and window shopping along the street. I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a study break or a yummy drink. Hope you’re having a good one friends!


A Happy List

IMG_2438.JPGTwenty things I that have made me happy lately:

  1. The rain storm Sunday night.
  2. My fuzzy white blanket.
  3. Acoustic guitar music.
  4. Chance run-ins with old friends.
  5. Of course, coffee. So so much coffee.
  6. Messing around with my camera.
  7. When someone is genuinely passionate about something and their passion rubs off on you.
  8. Decorating the Christmas tree.
  9. Windy mornings.
  10. Light pink cotton candy sunsets.
  11. Finding the perfect Christmas present for someone.
  12. Bonding in the misery of finals.
  13. A text that makes you laugh out loud.
  14. Staring out the window on long car rides.
  15. Listening to a song so many times you feel it in your bones.
  16. Phone conversations with my parents.
  17. Thrift store finds!
  18. Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume.
  19. Hot showers.
  20. Feeling excited about the future.IMG_2485.JPG

An Ode to My First Love

Oh sweet, dark one
You were my first true love
Boys may come and go, but you remain
Filling me up the way no human ever could
Sustain me with your life giving caffein
Through study, conversation, recreation, you are there
I enjoy you all over the world, day or night, hot or cold
Monday morning, Friday night, Winter or Summer
Some say our relationship is unhealthy, dependent even
But I say haters gonna hate- we are perfect together
Without you I am depresso
You are and always will be my number one bae
I love you coffee
Vamers-Humour-Successfully-Installed-Java-Main 04c4d76e76e13d2b56cb82aadd045cb5.jpg


Question of the Day
What was your first true love?! Any other coffee enthusiasts out there?