A Trip to Utah: Zion and Bryce Canyon

IMG_3001A few months ago, my brother and I started dreaming about how amazing it would be to visit Zion National Park in Utah. It looked like a photographer’s dream. So we mentioned it to our parents and, magicians that they are, they made it happen! We left December 27th and returned December 30th. We spent two whole days exploring the canyons, cliffs, rivers, and vistas of this gorgeous place. It is a different kind of beauty than I’ve ever seen before. Arresting, stark, harsh in all the best ways. The sandstone cliffs shoot up abruptly from the valley floor, creating a natural cathedral of sorts. It’s easy to see where it got it’s name. It truly felt like Heaven on Earth. It is very similar to Yosemite National Park in California, so I joked that it’s Yosemite’s red headed sister. After hiking around Zion for a day, we decided to spend the next day driving a few hours  to Bryce Canyon, a neighboring national park that is much smaller but stunning in its own right. Southern Utah is chalk full of beauty. Below are a lot of a few pictures from our adventure if you’d like to see!IMG_3094IMG_3149IMG_3092IMG_2958IMG_2843IMG_2839IMG_2845^This was my parent’s first visit as well, which made it extra special!IMG_3130IMG_3160IMG_9753 (1)IMG_3000IMG_3019IMG_2999IMG_9503IMG_5416IMG_2963IMG_2895IMG_2878IMG_2980IMG_2807^Brrrrr….it was chilly! But in a refreshing way.IMG_2690IMG_2759IMG_2810IMG_3215^Stone arches like this one were scattered throughout the park.IMG_3119^”Oh hello, I didn’t see you there…”IMG_2935IMG_2876IMG_2873^Someone got a Polaroid camera for Christmas…IMG_3208IMG_3182^The drive to Bryce Canyon.IMG_3233IMG_3229IMG_9795^Bryce Canyon!IMG_9764IMG_9204IMG_9806 ^Still obsessed with photographing my new tattoo…IMG_9798IMG_9801 ^Casually sitting in the road…I’ll do anything for a good picture.

P.s. A video of our trip is soon to follow!

Question of the Day
Have you ever been to Utah? What did you think of the landscape?