Five Inspiring Women


If you know me, you know I’m all about female empowerment. It can be a little much sometimes– but what can I say? It’s one of my passions! I make a point to keep up with news regarding break throughs made by women in society, and try to read as many books as possible on the subject. It’s an exciting time to be alive. I feel as though we are the middle children of history. Something is shifting, and I can’t wait to see what magnificent things women continue to accomplish during my life time. That being said, I thought I’d share five women who have inspired my recently in some way or another in hopes that perhaps they will inspire you as well. Enjoy!landscape-1451322311-younghillary.jpgHilary Clinton Okay, I know the jury is still out on this one for many people, what with the election and all, but I personally believe Hilary Clinton is an example of a woman who puts her self out there despite her imperfections. She is obviously flawed, but she doesn’t let that stop her from following her passions and making a difference in the world. Just think about the positions she’s held in her career: first lady, senator, secretary of state, and now possibly president. She has broken glass ceiling after glass ceiling for women and, regardless of your political views, that is something to be admired.lana-del-rey-interview.jpgLana del Rey Singer Lana del Rey is one of my personal favorites. With her bluesy voice and 1960’s vibes, she is a true original. Her 2012 album Born to Die reached number two on the US charts and was the fifth highest selling album of the year. Her following three albums have achieved similar success, and she is currently the most streamed female artist on Spotify in the US and the fifth worldwide. As someone who’s been a fan longer than most, I can say I am truly inspired by Lana del Rey. She is breaking records left and right and paving a new path for female vocalists the world around.static1.squarespace.png

Amy Poehler If you don’t already know who Amy Poehler is, you may have been living under a rock for the past few year…just kidding! But seriously, Amy has been killing it lately. She began her career in improv, staring on SLN and eventually founding the Upright Citizens Brigade theater school. She then went on to write, direct and star in shows and movie such as Parks and Recreation and Mean Girls. Her most recent book Yes Please was received exceptionally well and was one of my personal favorites. In all her spare time, she is the mother of two young boys! As an aspiring writer myself, Amy is a picture of what it means to pursue your passions no matter how tough the going may get.Misty-Copeland-Workout.jpgMisty Copeland In June of 2015, Misty Copeland was announced as the first African American principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, which has been around for more than 75 years and is one of the top three ballet companies in the US. Rising from a tough childhood and tense custody situation, Misty rose to fame and is now considered one of the most graceful, sophisticated dancers in the sport. She appeared on the cover of Time magazine as part of their 100 most influential people issue and is the author of two autobiographies and a documentary. Needless to say, this woman has been busy in her 23 years! She is a true inspiration in a field that is largely lacking in diversity.mindy-kaling1.jpgMindy Kaling Mindy is a gem. After reading her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I garnered a new appreciation for this actress, writer, and spokes woman. Surprisingly few people know that she was a writer and producer on The Office, one of the most prolific shows in TV history, before moving on to direct and star in her own show The Mindy Project. She is also a pioneer for minority women in a largely male dominated field, and carries herself with enough grace and charm to make anyone jealous!

My Recent Tunes

IMG_3610.JPGHey there friends, how are you on this fine Tuesday? It is unseasonably warm here in California– I’m wearing a tank top and shorts in February! Sorry if you’re surrounded by snow while reading this…

Anyways, I have been discovering some amazing songs lately that I thought you might like to check out. Sometimes I get in ‘music ruts’ where I listen to the same five or ten songs over and over until I’m sick of them. So if you find yourself in the same situation, give these ten songs a listen and perhaps they will inspire you!

Conrad by Ben Howard (inspired by Joseph Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness)

Coffee by Sylvan Esso

Aquaman by Walk the Moon

Force of Nature by Bea Miller

Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

The Lament of Eustace Scrubb by The Oh Hellos

Resolution by Matt Corby

Drowning by Banks

Fire May Save You by Frances

Ledges by Noah Gundersen