Beautiful Poetry

The other day I stumbled across poet and author Nayyirah Waheed’s work and it is so beautiful I almost wanted to cry. Below are a few of my favorites if you’d like to read:

be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.
-“The Becoming/Wings”

you haven’t felt yet.
give them time.
they are almost here.

my first country.
the first place I ever lived.

i knew you.
before I met you.
i’ve known you my whole life.

all the women.
in me.
are tired.
What do you think? Are you a fan? I sure am 🙂

P.s. Photos from here




The Getty Center

fullsizeoutput_3c4dHave you been to the Getty Center? If you love art and architecture, this is the place for you. Plus, admission is FREE (besides parking). There were gorgeous paintings, sculptures, photographs, objects, etc. from all over the world, and the building itself is a masterpiece. The grounds are extensive, complete with gardens, waterfalls and panoramic views of L.A. (or as I’ve been calling it lately, La La Land). Really, friends, you should check it out if you’re in the area ;pfullsizeoutput_3c4e^My friend Mike!fullsizeoutput_3c51fullsizeoutput_3c52fullsizeoutput_3c53fullsizeoutput_3c54fullsizeoutput_3c55^My friends studying the oil paintings like prosIMG_4669.jpgfullsizeoutput_3c56fullsizeoutput_3c57^The French furniture section was insane…can you say opulence much?!fullsizeoutput_3c58fullsizeoutput_3c59fullsizeoutput_3c5bfullsizeoutput_3c5cfullsizeoutput_3c5efullsizeoutput_3c5f^Trying to be poshfullsizeoutput_3c60fullsizeoutput_3c61fullsizeoutput_3c62fullsizeoutput_3c63^Love the soft colors in this one!img_4722fullsizeoutput_3c64img_4736img_4740fullsizeoutput_3c65^Magazine covers, oh my!img_4744img_4746

A visit to LACMA

dsc02623Yesterday afternoon I went with my girlfriends Alexa and Sarah to the LA County Museum of Art, or LACMA, in downtown LA. It has a wide array of art, ranging from sculpture to painting to photography and more, as well as from ancient to contemporary styles. Sarah and Alexa are art majors, which is how we met back in the day when I was an art major, so it was fun to explore and appreciate the museum with them! LACMA is known for its unique art instillations like these lamp posts out front– below are a few photos if you’d like to see.dsc02577dsc02601dsc02616dsc02652dsc02659dsc02674dsc02681dsc02693dsc02694dsc02696dsc02700dsc02711dsc02719dsc02728dsc02729dsc02731dsc02749Have a good one friends!

Made me laugh


This post “Women having a terrible time at parties in western art history” from cracked me up. The caption for the painting above is:

“hi hey
what are you doing over here all by yourself
i’m just
enjoying the view 
but you’re facing the wrong way
you’re not facing the party
you can’t even see me talking to you
i know”

There are plenty of other funny articles like this  on the site if you need a good laugh.

P.s. this article about female friendship in the show Broad City is spot on

A Poem For Your Wednesday


You and I both know this place is haunted
You and I both know the ghost is me
Haunting you, haunting myself
Finding a home in other people
Nowhere to rest my head at night
Wandering, waiting, missing
Half asleep, half awake
Caught in between the light and the darkness
Never quite sure which way to go
You see, the conscience in my head is broken
My moral compass no longer points due North
The ghost is my own
My memories of you won’t die
They linger on, reappearing when I least expect them
Ghosts to me

Everyone knowns love is like ghosts
Never really alive, yet unable to die
Sometime I see you in the moonlight
Dancing, laughing, shimmering
No language can convey your spirit
Slipping from my mind before I can grasp it
Unattainable, but more real than anything I’ve every experienced
Can’t you see them? Go on now, just beyond your finger tips
Ghosts to me

Attempting my hand at poetry these days. What did you think?