A few more photos from the wedding

LEXA4564Lambert-99When the bride first stepped out of the bridal suite in the big “reveal”Lambert-229Hayley improving the family gene poolLambert-253Mama pinning like a proLambert-333Look at those handsome brothers of mineLambert-756The families together at lastLambert-790This is probably my favorite. What caption would you write?LEXA4908Shoot, that sun flare thoughPILA9373Lex and the Lotus Photography is so talented! I absolutely love the way they captured this special day. I can’t get enough. Honestly, these photos should be in a bridal magazine, don’t you think?!

Little Letter

IMG_7861Dear “Gilmore girls”,
I started watching you again for the third time and you never disappoint. But to be honest, I’m still a little miffed about the ending of the revival. I won’t spoil it here, but it sure was a cliffhanger and now I’m thinking we need another revival to satiate us.

Dear Quote,
The other day I heard, “No one hangs hard times on the wall.” That really spoke to me for some reason. It is so easy to assume everyone is fairing better than you at any given moment, but the truth is we are all dealing with the sadness and pain of life. You are never alone in hardship, ever.

Dear Paddle Board,
I enjoyed taking you out for a spin on the lake last night. But all those jet skiers were zipping around me making the water choppy and I had a hard time getting much of anywhere.

Dear Texas,
You sure are hot during the summer. Boy, just when I think it can’t get any hotter, it does! Maybe I’m a California weather wimp, but I still am not used to it.

Dear Coffee,
Just reminding you how much I love you. Never forget.

Dear “The Lilac Girls”,
Just started this new book and am already a fourth of the way through. Historical fiction is my jam.

Dear Germany,
Are you as excited as I am for my return on August 23rd? I sure hope so, cuz I can’t hardly think of anything else!

P.s. Photo from our time in Bar Harbor, Maine 🙂

What’s Your ‘Vacation Mentality?’

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 10.51.06 AM

I recently read this article from the NYT entitled “How to Be Mindful on Vacation.” It really struck me, particularly this part:

Think of a vacation as a feeling within, rather than a chance to bring your hurried lifestyle to another place.

Often in the past I’ve been disappointed by vacations or trips because I didn’t check off all the items on my ‘To-See’ list. I get so caught up in being a successful tourist that I forget the original reason for the trip– to relax! Of course there’s a place for sight-seeing, but I always let it stress me out way too much. This article is a good reminder that vacation is more a state of mind than anything else.

I think that’s one of the reasons I love to travel alone once in a while, because I am more aware of my environment and willing to take the time to notice small details.

This trip I’ve been on for the past three weeks has been particularly nice because I went into it without expectations. That way, when something didn’t happen, I wasn’t disappointed, instead I could just focus on all the great things that did happen and turn them into positive memories. For instance, I didn’t go to any museums in NYC this past week, something I truly enjoy. But you know what? I did get to spend extra time in Central Park. And it was lovely.

I’m curious, what’s your vacation mentality? Do you struggle with being present on trips?

P.s. Photo from here

New York City

fullsizeoutput_48e9I first came to the city when I was ten years old, then again when I was eighteen, and now as a twenty-two year old. Every time, I am overcome with the realization that wow, New York really is something special. And I know we’ve all heard the stereotype of the “mean/pushy New Yorker,” but I can honestly say every interaction I’ve had here has been lovely. People have stopped to help me on the subway, point me in the right direction, or just shoot the breeze in the park. Thank you NYC!

Again, this place feels so European to me, and makes me excited to return to Germany in August. I can most definitely envision myself living here one day, we’ll just have to see where life leads! Below are a few photos if you’d like to see 🙂fullsizeoutput_48f5fullsizeoutput_48f4fullsizeoutput_48f3fullsizeoutput_48f2fullsizeoutput_48f1fullsizeoutput_48eefullsizeoutput_48ecfullsizeoutput_48f5fullsizeoutput_48eafullsizeoutput_48f6fullsizeoutput_48e8fullsizeoutput_48e7fullsizeoutput_48e6fullsizeoutput_48e5fullsizeoutput_48e4fullsizeoutput_48e3fullsizeoutput_48e2fullsizeoutput_48e1fullsizeoutput_48e0fullsizeoutput_48dffullsizeoutput_48defullsizeoutput_48ddfullsizeoutput_48dcfullsizeoutput_48dbfullsizeoutput_48dafullsizeoutput_48d9fullsizeoutput_48d8fullsizeoutput_48d7fullsizeoutput_48d6fullsizeoutput_48d5fullsizeoutput_48d4fullsizeoutput_48d3fullsizeoutput_48d2fullsizeoutput_48d1fullsizeoutput_48d0fullsizeoutput_48cffullsizeoutput_48cefullsizeoutput_48cdfullsizeoutput_48ccfullsizeoutput_48cbfullsizeoutput_48cafullsizeoutput_48c9fullsizeoutput_48c8fullsizeoutput_4903fullsizeoutput_4904fullsizeoutput_4905fullsizeoutput_4906fullsizeoutput_4908fullsizeoutput_490afullsizeoutput_490bfullsizeoutput_490cfullsizeoutput_490dfullsizeoutput_490efullsizeoutput_490ffullsizeoutput_4910fullsizeoutput_4912fullsizeoutput_4913fullsizeoutput_4914fullsizeoutput_4915fullsizeoutput_4917fullsizeoutput_4919fullsizeoutput_491afullsizeoutput_491bfullsizeoutput_491cfullsizeoutput_491dfullsizeoutput_491efullsizeoutput_491ffullsizeoutput_4920


fullsizeoutput_489bHello there. How are you on these summer days? I’m writing this from NYC (!!) where I’m attending a conference. But today I thought I’d share a few photos from my afternoon in Boston, MA, last week. I fell hard for this gorgeous old city. Every building is a work of art. I especially loved the Beacon Hill area, with it’s tall brick row houses. And I was lucky enough to meet up with a friend from school for a cup of coffee. She is studying at a seminary near the city and I couldn’t be prouder. Below are a few snap-shots if you’d like to see 🙂fullsizeoutput_489cfullsizeoutput_489dfullsizeoutput_489efullsizeoutput_489ffullsizeoutput_48a0fullsizeoutput_48a1fullsizeoutput_48a2fullsizeoutput_48a3fullsizeoutput_48a4fullsizeoutput_48a5fullsizeoutput_48a6fullsizeoutput_48a7fullsizeoutput_48aafullsizeoutput_48abfullsizeoutput_48acfullsizeoutput_48adfullsizeoutput_48aefullsizeoutput_48affullsizeoutput_48b0


fullsizeoutput_4864Ok friends, I know I rant and rave about everywhere I travel, but this time is different. I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH. MAINE. There, I said it. This state is out-of-this-world beautiful. Everywhere I look I see stunning sea inlets, forest, islands, beaches, quaint little towns, fields of lupins, picturesque bridges. I’m kicking myself for not having visited sooner, and by sooner I mean every single summer for the past twenty two years. Yes, this place is absolutely magical. I’m 99% sure fairies live here because the flowers are GORGEOUS and the woods are definitely enchanted. Everything here is so much older by California standards, and I truly feel like I’m in Europe! I find the history of each building so interesting, and we even stopped by a cemetery with gravestone from the 1700’s! That means those people lived through the Revolutionary war…whaaaaaaaat? The European influence is just so much stronger here, and it’s making me excited for my return to Germany in two months (!!). My little brother visited his girlfriend up here a few weeks ago and was absolutely smitten (ahem, with Maine, that is), but I thought he was exaggerating. Well, I’m sorry Isaac– I know you read this– because YOU WERE RIGHT. Maine is everything.

I’m almost speechless…but not quite. Below are a LOT of photos and descriptions of the places we went on the first leg of our East Coast trip if you’d like to see 🙂


Little Letter

IMG_3822Dear Maine,

You stole me heart. I’ll be back for it later.

Dear Vacation,

I forgot how great you can be for the soul.

Dear 22nd Birthday,

Well, you came and went and left me another year older. My dad and I saw the musical “Mathilda” in downtown Fort Worth 🙂

Dear Frankfurt,

Can’t believe I get to see you again in two months!

Dear George Saunders,

Just started reading your new book “Lincoln in the Bardo.”

Dear “S-Town”,

Shoot, you were quite the podcast. NPR always blows my mind.

Old Photos from Rome, March 2015


“I just love Rome. It really does cast a spell on you.” -Alec Baldwin

“Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.” -Robert De Nero

“Italy will never be a normal country. Because Italy is Italy. If we were a normal country, we wouldn’t have Rome. We wouldn’t have Florence. We wouldn’t have the marvel that is Venice.” -Matteo Renzi, Prime Minister of Italy

“Men did not love Rome because she was great. She was great because they had loved her.” -Gilbert K. Chesterton

“Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city.” -Anotole Broyard, American writer



Santa Fe

fullsizeoutput_4105Why did no one tell me how amazing Santa Fe is?! Really, I think it is the most underrated city in the nation! It is the land of a million art galleries, artisan good shops, and green chili enchiladas. I spend the afternoon wandering the quaint streets, perusing the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and listening to live mariachi music in the town square. Friends, if you’re a fan of Southwest culture and, well, beauty in general, I implore you to check this place out!fullsizeoutput_4109fullsizeoutput_411bfullsizeoutput_411afullsizeoutput_4119fullsizeoutput_4118fullsizeoutput_4117fullsizeoutput_4116fullsizeoutput_4115fullsizeoutput_4114fullsizeoutput_4113fullsizeoutput_4112fullsizeoutput_4111fullsizeoutput_4110fullsizeoutput_410ffullsizeoutput_410cfullsizeoutput_410afullsizeoutput_410efullsizeoutput_410dfullsizeoutput_410bfullsizeoutput_411cfullsizeoutput_411d