Beautiful Poetry

The other day I stumbled across poet and author Nayyirah Waheed’s work and it is so beautiful I almost wanted to cry. Below are a few of my favorites if you’d like to read:

be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.
-“The Becoming/Wings”

you haven’t felt yet.
give them time.
they are almost here.

my first country.
the first place I ever lived.

i knew you.
before I met you.
i’ve known you my whole life.

all the women.
in me.
are tired.
What do you think? Are you a fan? I sure am 🙂

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What Love Means

001.full_50.jpgSometimes I wonder what love means.

Once I overheard my father telling my mother how much he loved the scented autumn candle she’d purchased- the way it filled and warmed the house on rainy evenings, when overhead lights just didn’t seem quite right.

The thing is, he would never in a million years have thought to buy a candle himself. Those type of things just didn’t cross his mind. In fact, he never knew he liked them until my mother showed him.

Once I heard my brother say to his girlfriend, “I love the shower curtain you bought me.” He lived with a fellow bachelor roommate, and they had been showering without a shower curtain for months, just accepting a wet bathroom floor as a part of life. Finally his girlfriend remedied the situation with something so simple and, well, tasteful. He too didn’t know what he was missing until she showed him.

And that, I think, is one of the meanings of love. Sometime you don’t know how lovely life can be until someone shows you a different way. It doesn’t have to be big- the smaller the better- but it is new and strange and wonderful.

A Happy List


  1. Spontaneous concerts at the Troubadour in Hollywood with my friend Rachel
  2. Afternoon sunbathing on the patio
  3. Plantain chips from Trader Joe’s
  4. Planning a trip to the East Coast with my parents
  5. J.D. Salinger short stories
  6. Drawing with charcoal pencils
  7. Discovering a new band I like
  8. Designing possible future tattoos
  9. The opening of a new coffee shop in town
  10. Painting my nails a bright color

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Happy Mothers Day

706CAA6F-63A0-4FD0-A0C1-22A54C7B1796Happy Mothers Day to the woman who:

-Always notices when we are running low on toilet paper and refills it before it’s too late
-Magically produces a perfect gift and matching gift bag out of thin air upon request
-Somehow knows everyone and their mom’s up-to-date contact information and address
-Can cook, sew, clean, repair, plan and organize like nobody’s business
-Never goes on a trip without bringing me back a thoughtful souvenir
-Birthed me
-People always tell me I look like
-Allowed me to dress myself in a pink fruit-patterned jumpsuit every day of fourth grade without protest, simply because she knew it made me feel cool (*cringes*)
-Supports and encourages my decision to live abroad
-Edited multiple drafts of my Fulbright essays
-Loves me unconditionally, even when I don’t deserve it or can’t seem to love myself
-Cheered me on when I got my first tattoo
-Taught me the importance of commitment and determination
-Is the only woman who calls me by the nickname”Missy”

Happy Mothers Day to all those who:

-Act as spiritual mothers and mentors
-Are adoptive or foster mothers
-Are having difficulty becoming a mother
-Lost their mother
-Have a difficult relationship with their mother
-Are expecting and will soon become a mother
-Are empty nesters for the first time
-Have stepped up to fill the role of a mother in someone’s life8E5F88B4-0640-43FF-8200-4976731510C0


Disneyland with Mom & Dad

fullsizeoutput_3facYesterday I was reminded of why they call Disneyland the happiest place on Earth. Everyone was smiling– little babies, kids dressed as their favorite character, parents, grandparents, you name it! Walt Disney once said, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.” I forgot just how beautifully detailed every inch of the park is and how much care is taken to make sure you loose yourself in the enchanting environment. I felt so lucky to spend the whole day there with my precious mom and dad. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see!fullsizeoutput_3fd9fullsizeoutput_3fdbfullsizeoutput_3fa8fullsizeoutput_3fa5fullsizeoutput_3fadfullsizeoutput_3faefullsizeoutput_3fb1When I was younger, I thought this aesthetic was simply Fairytale architecture. That is, I didn’t think it existed beyond the pages of a story book. Then when I got older, I realized it actually does exist…in Germany! So much of the style in Fantasy Land is based on real life German architecture! Walt Disney travelled extensively, and was particularly inspired by Europe (ahem, hello Matterhorn). fullsizeoutput_3fb2fullsizeoutput_3fb3fullsizeoutput_3fb4fullsizeoutput_3fb5The flowers were absolutely stunning. I couldn’t stop snapping photos. fullsizeoutput_3fb6fullsizeoutput_3fb7fullsizeoutput_3fb8fullsizeoutput_3fbaCare for a cup of tea anyone?fullsizeoutput_3fbbfullsizeoutput_3fbcfullsizeoutput_3fbefullsizeoutput_3fbfI get the sense Walt Disney was a big fan of Mark Twain. They both grew up in small towns in Missouri. I definitely share his affinity, as Huckleberry Finn is one of my favorite books.fullsizeoutput_3fc0fullsizeoutput_3fc1fullsizeoutput_3fc2fullsizeoutput_3fc3fullsizeoutput_3fc4fullsizeoutput_3fc5fullsizeoutput_3fc6fullsizeoutput_3fd2It’s a Small World has been updated since last I visited. Now it’s an even brighter, cheerier world ;pfullsizeoutput_3fd3People say we look alike– what do you think?fullsizeoutput_3fd6fullsizeoutput_3fcffullsizeoutput_3fc7^I randomly ran into my friend Meredith on Main Street! We couldn’t have planned that better if we tried.

Thanks for a lovely day, Mom and Dad! I felt spoiled 🙂 Have a good one friends.

An Ode to Los Angeles


I have lived in Los Angeles for twenty one years.

So, by my careful calculations, I have spent a total of two years stuck in traffic, approximately three thousand dollars on non-fat lattes, and seen a cumulative of four and a half celebrities in person, give or take a few B-level soap stars I barely recognized in Whole Foods, where they were no doubt buying gluten-free, taste-free chocolate cake.

I recently graduated from college, and plan to move to Germany in September for the foreseeable future. All this transition has me feeling nostalgic about my home city, and has made me reflect on the many things I will and will not miss about this place. It’s funny, isn’t it? There comes a certain affection for a place that is only accessible to those about to leave it.

Truth be told, most of the time Los Angeles drives me absolutely crazy. The fast paced, never-ending hustle, the obsession with physical appearance spurred on by the pervasive influence of Hollywood, the ridiculously high cost of living, and so much more often builds up until I say, “I can’t do this anymore. I give up.”

On the other hand, I love Los Angeles with a deep, fierce love that can never be replaced. I am annoyingly proud to call it home and have been known to shout out the phrase “West Coast Best Coast!” at inopportune times. There’s a reason so many songs are written about this city and not, say, Wichita (no offense Wichita, you’ve got some killer wheat fields). There’s just something so enchanting about this over-grown town, where everyone believes their dreams will come true. People come here to make it– this city is populated with dreamers, artists, entrepreneurs and creators of all stripes. Just take a walk down the Venice Beach boardwalk and you’ll see what I mean. There is no prescribed lifestyle here– everyone can live exactly as they please! I’m so grateful to have grown up amidst such diverse cultures and groups.

But. I’m leaving. I am contributing to the transience that plagues this great city. And I feel all the mixed emotions a person can feel. Yes, I know I will return to visit. I care about too many people here to not visit. And yes, who knows, I may settle here permanently again one day in the future! For now, though, I am excited to try someplace new, to call another spot in this great big gorgeous world home. 

Regardless, I’ll always say I’m a California girl through and through.

Thanks for everything, beautiful city. Stay chill. I’ll miss you.

Little Letters

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Dear School,
I can’t believe I’m done with you forever. We’ve had a good sixteen year run, you and I.

Dear Nora Ephron,
I just started reading your book “I Remember Nothing.” Really well written.

Dear Car,
Why’d you have to go and stop working? I got you a new starter, so you’d better kick back into gear, ok? Cuz I gotta drive you across Texas next month!

Dear Family,
Thanks for coming to my three hour long graduation and sitting in the baking sun. It meant a lot.

Dear President of Pepperdine,
The note you wrote me to congratulate me for receiving the Fulbright really made my day. That was so kind.

Dear Polaroid,
Finally bought more film for you, and watched a Youtube tutorial that informed me I have been using you incorrectly for the past YEAR. Geez, I gotta make up for lost time.

Dear Mele,
You are a quality friend to me. Can we get married already?

lists of note

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.16.30 AM

things i will miss about california

  1. the color of the ocean at sunset
  2. the mountains
  3. the sense that so many people’s dreams are made here
  4. year-round tans
  5. malibu canyon
  6. piers
  7. disneyland
  8. my older brother
  9. my cousins
  10. driving along the coast with the windows down
  11. liberal attitudes
  12. colorful people
  13. the fact that there’s no one ‘prescribed lifestyle’
  14. tiny spanish bungalows
  15. the lack of bugs

things i won’t miss about california

  1. the traffic
  2. the 405 at any time of day
  3. the 101
  4. did i mention the traffic?
  5. smog
  6. the lack of eye contact
  7. the crazy fast-paced hustle/business
  8. those toned people who only eat fruits and vegetable supplements
  9. crappy public transportation
  10. six dollar lattes