My Christmas Letter 2019


I love receiving Christmas letters. My family didn’t send one out this year, but my boyfriend (the handsome bloke above) is sending one out, which inspired me to write up a little post as a reflection on my year. And what a year it has been. Here are some of the main events:

February: I took my finals and passed all my classes in my graduate program in Germany. The first semester was in the bag. However, it just didn’t feel right.

March: I decided to officially quit my grad program and move home in April. But first, some fun! Trey visited me for two weeks and we travelled to Paris, Madrid, and Soria, Spain. Then I visited my best friend Jessica in Israel.

April: My parents flew to Germany and helped me pack up. Then we went on a bike tour through the Netherlands! Afterwards, I flew home to Texas, where a very happy Trey greeted me 🙂

May-July: I spent the summer at my parent’s house, applying to jobs and working odd jobs here and to make some extra money. I also went to Michigan to visit my little brother during his internship, turned 24, and made some wonderful memories.

August: I started my new job in Waco, Texas.

September: Began settling into life in Waco and figuring out the city. Trey turned 26 and we went to my cousin’s wedding in Washington. It was a blast!

October: Establishing a routine, meeting new people, and trying to figure out the crazy weather.

November: Thanksgiving at my parents’ with the family. I loved having five days off to relax and unwind.

December: The year is wrapping up and I’m looking forward to 2020. Christmas will be low-key and cozy at my parents’ house. I can’t wait to sit around, watch TV, and eat too many cookies.

This year has been full of transitions. I’ve had some health problems and some low points emotionally. But overall, I am really proud of myself and everything I’ve accomplished. Thanks to all those who stand by me as I stumble walk through life 🙂

PS Drawing below by yours truly!


2 thoughts on “My Christmas Letter 2019

  1. I love these seasonal letters- thanks! This has been a full year of transitions for you, Micah, but they are all good ones. Some came easily and some were more challenging, but I am so proud of you and the direction you are going! Always keep me on your Christmas list! I love you and wish you a blessed new year! Grandma Susan

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