A Big Decision

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetAre you good at making decisions? I am not. It is not my spiritual gift. In fact, I think one of the hardest lessons for me to internalize in life is that I can do anything, but I can’t do everything. Making a choice inherently means giving up the other choices. I ask because I have recently made a big decision. I’ve decided to quit my graduate program and move home to Texas. Boom. There it is. There are many reasons, some more private, but the main one is that the program was not the right fit for me.

As I was thinking and praying about what to do, I talked with my friend Sean on the phone. I was bemoaning how people might perceive me (re: You’re back? What happened? You quit?), when he said, “Micah, nobody cares.” Dang, haha! HE IS RIGHT. Nobody is paying as much attention to us as we think they are! Of course my family and close friends care, but his point was that if it’s the right decision for you, don’t let what others might think stop you.

My generation has so many doors open to us, that we get paralyzed. Decision fatigue sets in and so we just don’t decide. Of course, not deciding is a decision. So I’ve decided. I am going to go home, reassess, and move forward. Emphasis on the moving forward.

Remember friends, just because something is over doesn’t mean it was bad. I’m excited for this new season, and of course I’ll be blogging my way through it, so don’t go anywhere!

7 thoughts on “A Big Decision

  1. Good call! No shame—or, whatever—even from those of us who “don’t care”…. 🙂

    Take your time to sort it out and find the right path for your mind and your heart. Sometimes we have been guilty of over- or mis-applying that proverb of Jesus about putting out hand to the plow. The guy who is plowing the field his colleague farmer just seeded—well, he should probably revise his plan.

    This note: good thing you were typing—I’m guessing it would been hard to “write” >>> “home, to Texas”. 🙂 (#justsayin)

    Keep writing and snapping.

  2. I am proud of you, Micah, for making a decision that is right for you now and prayerfully made with your smart and wise and honest thoughts and feelings. All you need to know is that we love and trust you. Many optional steps we take in life like graduate programs or where to live do not have to be forever for they are all a learning process about what is the best fit for you. God bless you in the next season of your life. I know it will be worthy and delightful and full of your talent. Love, blessings, and prayers- Grandma Susan

  3. I have said for a long time to myself, if I have any reservations about something, then it’s not the right time or meant to be. Feel good about the decisions you make for yourself. A wise man (my dad) once told me struggling is a sign of doing something right and even though he was talking about our faith, I think it goes along with everything we face in life. Struggling is part of the process of knowing what is right. Knowing that your decision is the right one for you and having no regret with it is what matters no matter what anyone thinks or says because we cannot please everyone. Bottom line: what matters most is what you think and feel, it’s your life. When it comes to others, we have to consider the source and take them with a grain of salt at times.

    BTW, I don’t know you personally, but I know your parents. My dad married them.

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