New York City

fullsizeoutput_48e9I first came to the city when I was ten years old, then again when I was eighteen, and now as a twenty-two year old. Every time, I am overcome with the realization that wow, New York really is something special. And I know we’ve all heard the stereotype of the “mean/pushy New Yorker,” but I can honestly say every interaction I’ve had here has been lovely. People have stopped to help me on the subway, point me in the right direction, or just shoot the breeze in the park. Thank you NYC!

Again, this place feels so European to me, and makes me excited to return to Germany in August. I can most definitely envision myself living here one day, we’ll just have to see where life leads! Below are a few photos if you’d like to see 🙂fullsizeoutput_48f5fullsizeoutput_48f4fullsizeoutput_48f3fullsizeoutput_48f2fullsizeoutput_48f1fullsizeoutput_48eefullsizeoutput_48ecfullsizeoutput_48f5fullsizeoutput_48eafullsizeoutput_48f6fullsizeoutput_48e8fullsizeoutput_48e7fullsizeoutput_48e6fullsizeoutput_48e5fullsizeoutput_48e4fullsizeoutput_48e3fullsizeoutput_48e2fullsizeoutput_48e1fullsizeoutput_48e0fullsizeoutput_48dffullsizeoutput_48defullsizeoutput_48ddfullsizeoutput_48dcfullsizeoutput_48dbfullsizeoutput_48dafullsizeoutput_48d9fullsizeoutput_48d8fullsizeoutput_48d7fullsizeoutput_48d6fullsizeoutput_48d5fullsizeoutput_48d4fullsizeoutput_48d3fullsizeoutput_48d2fullsizeoutput_48d1fullsizeoutput_48d0fullsizeoutput_48cffullsizeoutput_48cefullsizeoutput_48cdfullsizeoutput_48ccfullsizeoutput_48cbfullsizeoutput_48cafullsizeoutput_48c9fullsizeoutput_48c8fullsizeoutput_4903fullsizeoutput_4904fullsizeoutput_4905fullsizeoutput_4906fullsizeoutput_4908fullsizeoutput_490afullsizeoutput_490bfullsizeoutput_490cfullsizeoutput_490dfullsizeoutput_490efullsizeoutput_490ffullsizeoutput_4910fullsizeoutput_4912fullsizeoutput_4913fullsizeoutput_4914fullsizeoutput_4915fullsizeoutput_4917fullsizeoutput_4919fullsizeoutput_491afullsizeoutput_491bfullsizeoutput_491cfullsizeoutput_491dfullsizeoutput_491efullsizeoutput_491ffullsizeoutput_4920

6 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Yes, we totally lucked out on the weather! Last time I was in NYC in June it was crazy humid. And you’re right, I should have snagged one of those painting haha! But I took a million polaroid pictures so I feel alright about it 🙂

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