Little Letters

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Dear School,
I can’t believe I’m done with you forever. We’ve had a good sixteen year run, you and I.

Dear Nora Ephron,
I just started reading your book “I Remember Nothing.” Really well written.

Dear Car,
Why’d you have to go and stop working? I got you a new starter, so you’d better kick back into gear, ok? Cuz I gotta drive you across Texas next month!

Dear Family,
Thanks for coming to my three hour long graduation and sitting in the baking sun. It meant a lot.

Dear President of Pepperdine,
The note you wrote me to congratulate me for receiving the Fulbright really made my day. That was so kind.

Dear Polaroid,
Finally bought more film for you, and watched a Youtube tutorial that informed me I have been using you incorrectly for the past YEAR. Geez, I gotta make up for lost time.

Dear Mele,
You are a quality friend to me. Can we get married already?

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