Lists of Note

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Memories from the last four years

  1. When my brother and I found out we were both going to be RA’s for the coming year at the same time.
  2. The night Sarah and I drove down the coast and watched the sunset from the trunk of my car.
  3. When Jake and I rode bikes back from a party in Heidelberg and made a late night pit stop for crepes.
  4. All the times Sean and I wrote together at Cafecito Organico.
  5. That one night under the old bridge drinking Starbucks hot chocolate with Conner.
  6. Star gazing with Aaron at Gemünden.
  7. Finding out I got the Fulbright.
  8. Eating a traditional Syrian brunch with Omer in his apartment.
  9. Sipping German beer on Adele and Helea’s roof in Frankfurt.
  10. Griffith Observatory with Isaac.
  11. Lazy mornings with my little munchkin Winnie.
  12. Playing soccer with Aerick.
  13. Goofing around in Sue’s garden for hours.
  14. When I had my first dream in German (!).
  15. Hanging with Mike and the RealityLA crew.

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