A collection of thoroughly random photos from life lately

fullsizeoutput_3d2efullsizeoutput_3d2d^Pepperdine’s annual Spring Concertfullsizeoutput_3d2f^When you’re bored waiting for the concert to start and you get creative with the camerafullsizeoutput_3d30fullsizeoutput_3d31fullsizeoutput_3d32fullsizeoutput_3d34fullsizeoutput_3d35^I should have been an actress. Or a model. Maybe there’s still time.fullsizeoutput_3d37fullsizeoutput_3d38fullsizeoutput_3d39fullsizeoutput_3d3afullsizeoutput_3d3bfullsizeoutput_3d3cfullsizeoutput_3d3dfullsizeoutput_3d3eIMG_5228^As you can see, we take ourselves very seriously.fullsizeoutput_3d3ffullsizeoutput_3d40^Would you hire me if this was my LinkedIn profile pic?fullsizeoutput_3d41IMG_5260fullsizeoutput_3d42IMG_5263fullsizeoutput_3d43^No idea what’s going on herefullsizeoutput_3d44fullsizeoutput_3d45^Is it just me, or do I look like I’m ascending to Heaven? Follow the light…!fullsizeoutput_3d46fullsizeoutput_3d47^There are no words.fullsizeoutput_3d48fullsizeoutput_3d49^Laura! She was the birthday girl this week.fullsizeoutput_3d4afullsizeoutput_3d4b^Be still my heart.fullsizeoutput_3d4cfullsizeoutput_3d4dfullsizeoutput_3d4eIMG_5319^We couldn’t resist a spin on the ferris wheel.IMG_5330IMG_5331^St. Lucia performed– they were so fun!

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