Lists of Note

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 6.47.22 PMWhat I won’t miss about college
1. Research of any kind
2. Moving every year
3. Looming deadlines
4. The constant lack of money
5. Not being taken seriously when attempting to buy alcohol
6. 8 am classes
7. The flakiness. So much flakiness.
8. The pressure to achieve and/or change the world, which ever comes first
9. Sunday nights. Why are they always so lonely?
10. The endless emails

What I will miss about college
1. Constantly being surrounded by peers
2. The lively discussions
3. Know-it-alls who actually know nothing
4. My big, beautiful desk
5. Malibu sunsets
6. Copious amounts of coffee
7. Curiosity
8. Scrappy living
9. Impromptu experiences. Oh the spontaneity!
10. Jessica

P.s. Read Nora Ephron’s Lists of Note here

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