To my father just because


If you know my father, you know he’s never met a stranger. As a die-hard introvert, I will never fully understand this ability. It is indeed a rare quality, a gift that has set him apart  his entire life.  He could talk to a wall, and the wall would somehow leave feeling affirmed and cared for! He invented the term ‘Networking’ and has more friends than Facebook can handle.

But perhaps what amazes me most of all is his endless capacity for people. If you want to be a part of his life, you can. He will make room for you without a second thought. He will remember your story, think of you often and genuinely care about your life. Some people only have room in their hearts for a finite number of people, but not him. For instance, years after he left campus ministry, he can effortlessly recall specific details about each of the college students he worked with and where they are now. Your story settles in his bones and stays there. Sometimes I wonder if I too could make more room for others in my life, that maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. And while this may be the case to some degree, I also believe that my father is just plain special. You will come across very few people like him who listen genuinely and remember earnestly. There is no limit to his love– once a friend of Scott’s, always a friend.

And while juggling all those relationships at once, he somehow always maintains pure intentions. Even if something doesn’t turn out exactly like he planned, you can rest assured it is never because of ill motives.

Now I know he’s not a saint, and there can be danger in setting someone on too high a pedal stool, but I also believe in singing people’s praises where they are due as much as possible in this difficult world. No, it’s not Father’s Day or his birthday or his anniversary, it is simply January 17th. But today and every day, I am grateful to have this man in my life.

Cheers to you Dad, we love you.

15 thoughts on “To my father just because

  1. I attended York with him. Called him 25 or so years later looking for a youth minister reference. He treated me great. One of the most talented and humble men I know.

  2. Micah. I’m sitting in the Blue Butterfly right now, reading your wonderful tribute and missing my weekly (almost) coffee time with your dad. Your opening line blew me away and says a thousand words. El Segundo is not the same without the Lambert’s. We miss you all. Thank you for taking the time to honor your father and share it with the world. You may not have endless slots for people in your life, but you’re following in his footsteps if you can focus on the core people-slots already in your life. Yes, it’s remarkable how wide his sphere of influence is – a God gifted ability. Yet it’s the quality and sincerity of those relationships which hold all the meaning. That’s your hero, and mine too. Thank you God for Scott Lambert.

  3. Micah – What a special tribute and rest assured his lives in you! I am so thankful to be working so closely with him! Thank you for taking the time to express your feelings. It is always the right time to say good things about people! Leslee

  4. You are spot on Micah. Your dad has a very special way of making each person feel cared for. What a sweet post for my wonderful daughter. Hug your dad for me.

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