A poem for your Monday

img_1603Last year I used to post a poem of mine every once in a while. I was in a class that forced us to write poetry, but since it ended I haven’t written much of my own accord…and I intend to remedy that! Here is a poem I scribbled down quickly last night during a rainstorm.

One Evening

The rains came heavy from the north
In their little boats with tiny oars
barreling fast towards Earth.
But I stand still.
From the doorway I watch the trees sway,
A coffee in my hands,
as the drops make their way lazily down to the river
And out to some far off ocean somewhere.

And just then I think about my girlhood by the Pacific
Drenched in summer salt and more than a few tears, my slender shoulders browning up like batter, scared of the waves that threatened to soak my suit.

None of our clan lives by the sea now, we are scattered in the violent wind
like the rain that slants sideways into my new home.

And before long I notice water running
in swift rivulets down my cold, silent face.


P.s. Photo I took of the Malibu pier on Saturday night!

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