Saturday Night Formal Photos

img_1690On Saturday night, it seemed like half the school gathered on the Malibu Pier for photos before heading off to their respective sorority dances. While I’m no longer in a sorority, I went to take pictures of my many beautified friends and their dates! I was the press for the event, if you will. The sun was just sinking below the waterline and I was desperate to get in as many shots as I could before it disappeared completely. Below are just a few if you’d like to see!img_1606img_1613img_1628^What a beautimg_1632img_1634img_1635img_1639img_1643img_1645img_1647img_1650img_1653img_1657^Coincidence that they both wore purple dresses and black chokers? I think sister telepathy is more like itimg_1661img_1663img_1664img_1667^I was a thorn among roses, as they sayimg_1668^Didn’t get the serious memo…img_1671img_1694img_1698^Dear friends from Heidelberg Meredith and Alli!img_1703img_1707img_1715img_1717img_1725img_1689Hope everyone had fun at their respective dances!

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