A Quick Trip to Texas

img_1060I hopped on a plane Friday morning and made my way back to good ol’ Texas! I just couldn’t wait till Christmas to see my parents and little brother again. It was such a lovely, refreshing weekend filled with good food and laughter. On Saturday we headed down to Waco to go to the Baylor vs. TCU football game. I’m not much for the sport, but I sure did have a fun time experiencing all the Baylor traditions. It’s a BIG deal down there, let me tell you!img_1031img_1034img_1047^Breakfast at a cute cafe in Wacoimg_1056img_1086img_1092^Isaac borrowed a friend’s jersey for me to wear on game day! Never mind that I look obese haha…img_1095img_1121img_1133img_1136^Trying to get on local TV with their crazy fan antics!img_1148img_1152img_1155^Aaaaaaahhhhh Sic em’ Bears!img_1162img_1180img_1187img_1204img_1234img_1246img_1252img_1295^Then we headed home for a quiet Sunday on the lake. I love sitting out on my parent’s dock to watch the sunset.img_1297img_1299img_1348img_1352^I think this photo deserves a frame, don’t you?img_1356^Pretty lake, pretty mamaimg_1364img_1372img_1379img_1380img_1382img_1386Have a good one friends, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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