img_0407I have the pleasure to babysit a little girl named Winnie on Wednesday mornings. She is bright, bubbly and always happy! She LOVES books and is constantly asking me to read to her. Plus, she speaks only German with her mother who went to art school in Dresden, Germany. I speak a mix of German and English with her, and honestly I think her’s is much better than mine! Below are a few Winnie-isms, or cute things she said to me throughout our time together. Enjoy!img_0370^”Look Micah, I’m a shark! I’m gonna get you”img_0350img_0353^She didn’t want to take out her pigtails last night, so she woke up with “Cindy-Lou Who” hair as I like to call it ;p img_0354img_0377img_0378img_0379img_0386
^”Winnie can you cook me something to eat?”
“Yes, I will cook you watermelon.”img_0388img_0389img_0391^”Where’s my dolly? She misses me”img_0393^”There’s an alligator down there! He’s gonna eat me!”img_0398^Winnie took this photo of me…never mind that I look like a psycho! img_0401^I couldn’t resist braiding her hair in these teeny tiny baby braids! I don’t have any sisters but I always wanted to practice hair styles on others, so I used to braid my dolls hair.img_0405img_0406^These “Little Golden Book” from Disney are classics!img_0408img_0414^”The mommy and daddy live in this house together”img_0419^When the braids came undone, I settled on a little pony tail!img_0422img_0423I forget how hilarious kids are! Do you remember funny things a child has said to you? I’d love to hear.

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