Rock the Brock

img_8955The president of my school has an annual tradition of holding a party at his house (the Brock House) for just the seniors. The soiree is called ‘Rock the Brock’ because his rock band Mid-Life Crisis performs and a giant dance party ensues. They also raffled off prizes, including $5,000 throughout the night, and had a big buffet of food and desserts. You could say I was a happy camper. Even though Pepperdine is a relatively small school, I was surprised at how many unfamiliar faces I encountered last night. Do all these people really go here and I’ve just never met them? Haha I guess so! But I did know quite a few people as well, which was reassuring. I guess I’m not a total recluse. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see!img_8920img_8921^Our mascot Willie the Wave dancing up a stormimg_8924img_8931img_8933^The event started at 6:30- perfect golden light! I can definitely tell fall is  in the air, no more endless summer sun.img_8941img_8942img_8946img_8947img_8952^Two sweet friends, one of which is my buddy in German classimg_8962img_8965^These charming ladies have been there for me since the start of college 😉img_8968img_8981img_8985img_8986img_8994^My class cleans up niceimg_8996img_9003^Note to self: become university president so I can have a view like this…img_9007img_9010img_9015img_9042img_9058^Wild childrenimg_9082^My OG roommate and long-time friend Lauraimg_9091img_9095img_9046Well friends, have a great weekend!

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