An Engagement!

IMG_8661So…my brother and his girlfriend Hayley got engaged on Saturday! WOO! They dated for two years in high school, then got back together after college and have been together for another two years now. Our families basically grew up together in El Segundo, and I went to high school with both her and her younger sister. I’m so glad I was back from Germany in time for this special moment. Congrats you two!IMG_8614^The mamas were so nervous as we snuck through the park to the designated hiding spot in the bushes. IMG_8617IMG_8619^Hayley’s sisters are so sweet! It was fun to share this experience with them. After we gave Luke the secret signal that we were in place and video taping, he got done on one knee and popped the question. Hayley said she wished her family could have been there, to which Luke replied, “Turn around,” and we all came running towards her! When I watched the video I took, all you can hear is me saying “Oh my god, oh my god…” and shaking hahaIMG_8628^You could say tears were shed.IMG_8630IMG_8631^Admiring the rock!IMG_8634IMG_8637^He was so relieved. I don’t think he slept for a week before hand. Poor guy!IMG_8642IMG_8644IMG_8646IMG_8647IMG_8656IMG_8657IMG_8660IMG_8663IMG_8665^Such a beautiful couple!IMG_8668IMG_8672IMG_8675^Lookin’ good LukeIMG_8697IMG_8706IMG_8709IMG_8714IMG_8721IMG_8722IMG_8724IMG_8725IMG_8735IMG_8743^Then we headed back to Hayley’s house for a ‘little’ engagement party. I think 60 plus people showed up– these two certainly are loved!IMG_8748IMG_8754IMG_8755IMG_8761IMG_8769IMG_8771IMG_8779^I like this picture of all the ladies oohing and awwing over the photos 🙂IMG_8800IMG_8807IMG_8813IMG_8814I’m so glad I finally get that sister I always wanted. Can’t wait for the wedding. If Saturday was any preview, it’s going to be one heck of a party!

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