Nice, France

IMG_7792I spent the past five days in Nice, France on a little solo vacation! My internship supervisor was at a conference, so she gave me the green light to travel, and I knew I wanted to spend time lying on the beach somewhere. A few friends of mine had visited Nice during our time in Heidelberg, and had nothing but good things to say about it. I had been to France three times before, but never to the Riviera. It is truly another world– sailboats gliding in the bay, kids splashing in the water, beautiful French people dining in beautiful French cafes. They struck me as such an elegant people. One day I want to learn french! My three years of spanish helped a bit, but luckily nearly everyone spoke english. The town was pretty packed with tourists, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I loved hearing all the languages and watching people interact. People watching is one of my favorite hobbies. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see!IMG_7701IMG_7714IMG_7717^The old town is the definition of classy. French architecture is so exquisitely detailed.IMG_7730IMG_7744IMG_7752^One of my favorite squares in town, called the Promenade de Arts, because it’s lined with numerous museums and galleries. I visited a gallery with a photography exhibition about Princess Grace of Monaco, the Contemporary Art Museum, and the Matisse Museum.IMG_7791IMG_7808^French flags could be spotted flying everywhere. There were even flowers and candles in memorial to the victims of the recent terror attacksIMG_7819IMG_7821IMG_7876^This view was worth the long, sweaty hike to the top of the mountain!IMG_7881IMG_7889^That water though…IMG_7893^The portIMG_7907IMG_7912IMG_7920^Loved all the colorful boats, big and smallIMG_7962IMG_7969Ce la bon vie! Life is good. What do you think, would you travel to Nice? I’m back in Frankfurt now with a slight tan and a lighter wallet…haha!

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