IMG_7552Last weekend a friend from church invited me to come stay with her in Marbourg, which is about an hour away from Frankfurt. She works for the Compassion International office there, and lives in the most adorable old apartment. My brother’s girlfriend studied abroad in Marbourg back in the day, so I had heard about how charming it was, but I was completely blown away when I arrived! It is the quintessential German town, complete with a university, a river, a castle and everything else you could imagine. I had so much for exploring this part of Hessen (the German state/region) and would gladly return again one day if the opportunity arose. IMG_7409^The old town is on the side of a hill, which really reminded me of Heidelberg. IMG_7412IMG_7416IMG_7424^The adorable second-story apartment my friend lives in!IMG_7426IMG_7435IMG_7443^The university library. Doesn’t it look like Hogwarts?!IMG_7446^The Lahn river is small but cute 🙂IMG_7450IMG_7498IMG_7506IMG_7508IMG_7510^Posing awkwardly at the castleIMG_7511IMG_7529IMG_7501IMG_7403^These animal heads are from a Grimm Brothers fairytale. One of the Grimm brothers lived in Marbourg for a little while, so they claim him as theirs!

Until next time magical little city!

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