Rock Climbing!

IMG_6819I’ve never been someone who just loves to exercise and can’t live without it. If I were given the choice between laying in bed or going for a run, I would choose laying in bed every single time without fail. I always wanted to be one of those people who is naturally, internally motivated to get out and move, but I’m just not! So I look for opportunities to exercise in fun, creative ways with friends. I like it best when I am distracted and forget that I’m exercising all together! So when two of my friends here suggested I join them at the rock climbing gym, I knew that was a form of exercise I could get into. I’ve been three or four times this summer, and I can definitely see improvement every time. My fingers ache and my legs are sore afterwards, but I feel like I accomplished something and worked out in the process. Below are a few photos if you’d like to see:IMG_6822^It’s true, I do love Frankfurt. And aren’t these climbing shoes just so stylish…?IMG_6827IMG_6830^This gym is free climbing, without ropes. But don’t worry mom, the floor is really padded :p Every color rock is a different course with varied difficulties.IMG_6832^Chalk really helps with grip!IMG_6835IMG_6839^Rejoicing that I made it to the top without killing myself!IMG_6841IMG_6852IMG_6857^They also have slack lines to improve balance and focus.IMG_6862IMG_6865^After about an hour or so all your energy is completely gone and you can’t help but lie on the floor like a corpse!IMG_6867IMG_6873IMG_6878What do you think– would you try rock climbing? I am definitely going to look for a climbing gym when I get home to California. Have a good one friends.

2 thoughts on “Rock Climbing!

  1. You are a cute rock climber! Bravo for making it to the top! I, too, need motivation to exercise and doing it with music or distraction does get the job done more easily. Enjoy the rest of your stay there.

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