Lions, Tigers, Bears– Oh My!

IMG_5740Yesterday I ventured to the Frankfurt Zoo! Although there were only lions (no tigers or bears per say), I thoroughly enjoyed this outing. The zoo is just big enough to have interesting animals and houses, but small enough to see everything in just a few hours. I hadn’t been to a zoo in ages (probably since childhood) and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed myself. Below are a few pictures if you’d like see:IMG_5619^The front of the Zoo- isn’t it classy?! I love the architecture in this city.IMG_5624IMG_5627IMG_5641IMG_5652^Is it just me, or do camels look incredibly uncomfortable to ride?IMG_5661^These sea lions were so graceful in the water!IMG_5664IMG_5673^Just when I began to believe I was in Africa, I saw a wood house like this and was reminded I’m still in Germany!IMG_5685IMG_5687IMG_5697IMG_5710^I love that you can see the downtown skyline from inside the zoo!IMG_5719IMG_5720IMG_5728^I was obsessed with this baby monkey. I spent way too long watching him just sit there.IMG_5734IMG_5739IMG_5743^Leave it to Lufthansa to meet all your animal transporting needs…IMG_5746IMG_5749IMG_5752IMG_5754IMG_5758Have I inspired you to take a trip to your local zoo?!

Have a great day friends.

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