Reflections of a Late Bloomer

IMG_4804When it comes to the concept of ‘blooming,’ I have always been firmly in the late bloomer camp. I certainly did not peak physically or emotionally in high school– heck, I didn’t even get boobs until college (I’m looking at you, freshman fifteen)! I was crazy insecure all throughout puberty and had to give myself pep talks before talking to any boy. I wasn’t asked to homecoming, never made it in the ‘best of’ section of the year book and didn’t even attend my senior prom because I was too self-conscious to go alone.

I don’t say all this to make you feel sorry for me, but rather to reflect on how far I’ve come since then. There was a time when I was plagued (plagued I tell you!) but the thought that I’d never kiss a boy or have my own car or be able to hold an intelligent conversation with adults. But over time and with various experiences, those fears have begun to subside and been replaced by growing confidence.

Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful to have been the late bloomer type. Being a late bloomer builds stamina. It has taught me to keep my head down, power through and overcome. It has fostered patience and the belief that my dreams are worth the wait. It showed me that you don’t always have to be in the spotlight to make an impact.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, my late bloomerness laid the foundation for many of my current and future successes and pursuits in this life. A famous comedy writer was once asked the question how did you learn to write so humorously?  to which he replied, “I silently observed the class clowns growing up, and then wrote down exactly what they did.”Being a late bloomer forced me to be a silent observer as well, an invaluable skill for a writer to cultivate.  And surely I’m not done blooming yet! When you think about it, are any of us ever really done blooming? I like to think it takes an entire life to create a full, fragrant blossom.

So to all you late bloomers out there, I’d like to say don’t worry, your spring time is coming and it will be all the more beautiful for the wait!

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