Exploring Frankfurt

IMG_5341The day was overcast, rainy and actually quite chilly for June. As a native Californian, I am not used to even the slightest variation in weather– heck, anything below 70 degrees is frigid in my book! But I actually really enjoyed exploring the fog covered city, ducking into a cafe for a warm drink every now and again or meandering  through the mall when it began to drizzle. Below are a few photos from the day if care to peruse!IMG_5174IMG_5344IMG_5170IMG_5360^There is a beautiful park right next to my apartment that will be perfect for laying out when the sun returns!IMG_5189IMG_5193IMG_5199IMG_5203^Frankfurt is the banking capital of Europe, so there is no shortage of men in suits running around the city. I’m not complaining…IMG_5210IMG_5194^The Old Opera HouseIMG_5212IMG_5241IMG_5262IMG_5269^I love the seamless blending of old and new architectureIMG_5292IMG_5293IMG_5300IMG_5301IMG_5311IMG_5313IMG_5319IMG_5321IMG_5324IMG_5325IMG_5326IMG_5327^City Hall in the historic Altstadt (old town) areaIMG_5328IMG_5330IMG_5332IMG_5334Well, that’s all for today! I can’t wait to explore even more in the months to come. Now I’m cozied up at home with a cup of tea and a good book. What are you up to?

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