What’s your spiritual age?

IMG_4793My entire life people have been telling me I’m an old soul. I’ve always gotten along extremely well with people who are older than me. It just feels natural, even more natural than relating to my own peers at times. This is not to say I’m always the picture of maturity– ask my parents, they’ll tell you I can still be pretty childish at times! But I do think that sometimes our actual age is not reflective of our spiritual age. I once read a fascinating blog post on the subject that said:

Once, when I was eight or nine, [my mother] told me her theory that everyone had two ages, an actual age and a spiritual age. “For example,” she said, “I’m always going to feel seventeen.” She glanced at me through cigarette smoke. “And you’re always going to feel 40.”

I’ve always felt more like a 30 year old than a 20 year old! Even in high school I thought wow, I’m too old for this stuff. I’m not trying to rush ahead or anything (live in the moment and all) but I’ve honestly always felt older. I’m curious to hear your thoughts– what’s your spiritual age? Do you feel younger or older or exactly the age you are?IMG_4784


2 thoughts on “What’s your spiritual age?

  1. Good CA morning Micah. In the rush of the last few days I didn’t see this post and I’m sorry. What a great question. First, and I am completely biased, you have always been a delightful and thoughtful old(er) soul. Said your Daddy, I know. Second, I feel like a young spiritual soul. Maybe it’s all of those years with college students but I see the vibrancy of faith and not the nostalgia of faith that pervades when people get older. It’s all natural but I am glad to be a spiritually “young” soul. This is a powerful question SweetGirl. Hum.


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