Santa Cruz

IMG_5073This past weekend my little brother and I road tripped up to Santa Cruz to visit my long-time friend Colleen who is a student at UC Santa Cruz. She showed us around the town, the campus, and the beach. We went to some of her favorite restaurants and coffee shops, and even got to go to church with her on Sunday. The seven hour drive was well worth it, I mean just look at that view! Below are a few pictures from the visit if you’d like to see 🙂IMG_4957^The entire campus is up on a hill in the middle of a red wood forest. I was awe struck by the beauty and seclusion! So peaceful. IMG_4973IMG_4974IMG_4982IMG_4984IMG_4999^A few shots from around campus. We toured all the various colleges and took a hike through the woods.IMG_5007IMG_5008^Isn’t she a gem? IMG_5023IMG_5031IMG_5034IMG_5035^Commonly referred to as ‘The Squiggle’ by UCSC students, this sculpture made for a surprisingly comfortable resting spot!IMG_5038IMG_5040IMG_5045IMG_5048IMG_5051IMG_5060^Into the wilderness!IMG_5061IMG_5072IMG_5075IMG_5076^That landmass cross the bay is Monterey.IMG_5078IMG_5081IMG_5083IMG_5089IMG_5107IMG_5108IMG_5112^Good friends are such a blessing in life! I will gladly put in the effort to keep them 🙂IMG_5117IMG_5118IMG_5121IMG_5125^Tell me that bay is not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen! I had so much fun, thanks for having us Colleen. We will definitely be back one day, so try not to graduate any time soon :p

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