Would You Travel Alone?

IMG_7082The other day I read this post from the blog Cup of Joe, and it got me thinking about travel. Now I pose the question: would you ever travel alone? 

I’m not talking about a day trip or an afternoon by yourself at the mall. I’m talking about a full on planned vacation in your own company. I’ve taken a few trips by myself through out the years, most recently to Amsterdam last July. I was only there for three days, but I personally loved it! I have always enjoyed being by myself. I find it calming and rejuvenating. I even like to people watch and ease drop on other people’s conversations on occasion! When you are alone, you become so much more approachable than in a large group and strike up conversations you would have otherwise missed. I remember one time I was eating dinner by myself and the lady next to me randomly asked what book I was reading. We started talking and I found out she was a writer too. She gave me some great career advice and left me feeling all aglow!

When you travel alone, you can explore at your own pace and see as much or as little of your destination as you want sans guilt. You can stop to take a million pictures or eat at random times of the day. But most of all, you can soak in every detail of the place you might miss if you were busy chatting with a friend.

New York times writer Stephanie Rosenbloom beautifully captures her solo trip to Paris in one article, saying:

“It was easy in Paris to surrender to the moment. But why? What alchemy transmuted ordinary activities, be it a walk across a bridge or the unwrapping of butter, into a pleasure? My default speed in New York is “hurtle,” yet in Paris I dragged the edge of a fork across an oyster with a care better suited to sliding a bow across a violin.”

So I’m curious, would you ever travel alone? I am headed to Iceland for two days by myself in August on my way home from Germany. I can’t wait.

P.s. I asked a random stranger in Amsterdam to take that photo of me!



7 thoughts on “Would You Travel Alone?

  1. Solo travel is the best! I moved from Cali to Spain in October and the trips around the country that I’ve gone on by myself have been pretty awesome. It really gives you a chance to take everything in at your own pace.

    Did you stay at hostels during your trips? That’s usually my favorite part about taking trips alone.

    1. That’s great! I’ve only been to Barcelona in Spain but I loved it. I actually stayed at Airbnb places most times, but I did stay at a few hostels. I enjoyed falling into bed at the end of a long, full day and just being quiet by myself 🙂

  2. I would and I have! I spent the first two days of a long weekend alone in Barcelona in 2010 and I went to Stockholm, Sweden for a weekend alone in 2011. Both of those were great experiences. I ended up talking to and spending time with people I wouldn’t have interacted with if I had been traveling with a companion, and we did things I wouldn’t have otherwise done. In Sweden one of the people I met was a native of Stockholm and she took me and a few other people to places I wouldn’t have even known about, never mind actually gone to. Besides meeting new people more easily, the other end of the spectrum of solo travel, actually wandering through a new place alone, can be amazingly liberating. I love being able to take my time and do whatever I want on my own schedule without having to coordinate plans with anyone else. It can also be nice to have a close friend or family along, but I highly recommend solo travel to anyone who hasn’t tried it.

  3. I want to plan a solo trip to Iceland by myself! I’m 18 and most of my friends are at uni and those that aren’t are busy working or don’t have the same taste in adventure as I do. They’d rather go partying in touristy places without having another view of a country than the night life. That’s why I’ve decided to solo travel to where I want, simply because no one else wants to. Going into the unknown and exploring new interests – that’s what I live to do.

    1. I agree! I used to be afraid of going by myself, but now I love it. I will be sure to write a few posts about my experience in Iceland 🙂

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