My Favorite “Onion” Headlines

IMG_9511If you know me, you know my sense of humor can be very satirical and dry at times. Suprise,  surprise, I love reading The Onion. I think it would be so fun to write for them one day. I thought I’d collect a few of my favorite recent headlines for those of you who share in my affinity for ridiculousness. The one above made me laugh out loud (sorry mom, but that’s totally you!) ;p
^These two made me think of my little brother who is a senior in high school haha!
^I’ve definitely called my parents like that…
^Probably my favorite

2 thoughts on “My Favorite “Onion” Headlines

  1. Haha, these are great! I especially liked the one about the guy writing a song and the one about the presidential candidates taking years off their lives. The one about the guy on the dating app made me cringe, though. A little too real for me, if that makes sense (I don’t have experience with dating apps, but harassment/abuse is one of my hot-button issues).

    -Danielle |

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