A Poem for your Wednesday


God’s Favorite Creation

The God who made the galaxies, the mountains,
The rivers and the oceans
Who shaped the heavens with his fingertips
And breathed air into life

The Lord who crafted the canyons, deep and dark,
Moulded the fields of flowers
To match the birds in the sleepy forests,
Chirping a melody he carefully composed

The Father who spoke this earth into existence
Knew something was missing.

He knew this planet needed one of you, too–
A lanky boy of skin and bone
With dusky brown hair and inky eyes
A gentle heart and a mild disposition.

A boy with oddly red skin and large hands
To pluck guitar strings
Or caress a girl’s chin.

Of all the realms in this vast universe,
With their supernovas, black holes and constellations
You, by far, are my favorite creation.

And surely, God would agree.


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