Happy Weekend & A Happy List

12814391_1029941103718596_8539954319998996980_n.jpgWell hello there friends, how are you? This week has literally flown by. I cannot believe I’ve been in school for four weeks now. Summer will be here before we know it (wishful thinking? maybe…). On this gorgeous Friday morning, I thought I’d write out a list of ten little things that made me happy recently to kick off the weekend:

  1. Latte Macchiatos. I used to drink these every day in Germany, and Starbucks just recently introduced theirs here!
  2. Movie nights with girlfriends.
  3. Baked goods of any type.
  4. Discovering this new podcast.
  5. Checking things off my to-do list like a boss.
  6. Staying up too late to finish a good book.
  7. Catching a whiff of someone’s cologne or perfume.
  8. The New York Times crossword puzzle.
  9. Taking pride in something I’ve written.
  10. Scary movies.

What are your plans for this weekend? So far the only thing on my agenda is a movie night tonight with some girlfriends. Have a good one!


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