IMG_9288.JPGDo you ever just feel blah?! I sure do today. I woke up with a horrible soar throat and slight fever, so I’m lying low to nurse myself back to health before school tomorrow. Luckily, this is giving me a chance to catch up on some random tasks, like editing these photos. My sweet friend Michaela, who I’ve mentioned several times before on this blog, and I went on a walk yesterday along the creek near her house, and of course I had to bring my camera. It felt good to be creative without any rules or guidelines. As a creative writing major, I often have to create under pressure or deadlines, which can take some of the joy out of the process.

Michaela and I talked about a myriad subjects, ranging from religion to school to relationships. It was refreshingly genuine. I love conversations like these, when you leave feeling like you took something insightful away. I need to go on walks more often.

Anyways, there is no real point to this post other that to say it’s okay to feel a little blah once in a while. You are not alone, we’ve all been there.IMG_3381.JPGIMG_3391.JPGIMG_9361.JPGIMG_9287.JPG^We found a time machine and went back to Fall…IMG_9347.JPG^My pouty “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” face.IMG_9306.JPG^Maybe if I hide in my sweater, I won’t have to do my homework…IMG_3506.JPG^Never too old to play on the playground.IMG_3382.JPG^Still obsessed with my tattoo…IMG_3353.JPGIMG_3356.JPGIMG_3357.JPG^Isn’t she a stunner?

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