A Poem for your Weekend

85b5aec2-aecd-466a-9011-fdbaadd05a9b.jpgHere’s a random little poem I’ve been working on for my class to kick off your weekend. Have a good one friends!

Camouflage Soul

I was always a curious girl
with no where to lie my head at night,
making my home in other people.
No settled personality
Just an inner uncertainty as vast and as limitless as the heavens.
You see, the conscience in my head is broken,
My compass no longer points Due North,
A charlatan soul that seeks something 
in places and things and people.

It was the winter of my life
And the people I communed with were my only summer.
It’s no use trying to tell those who have a steady soul,
They can never understand
My camouflaged soul.99304fc6-8b48-4e3d-b023-7e54e208c400.jpg

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