An Ode to My First Love

Oh sweet, dark one
You were my first true love
Boys may come and go, but you remain
Filling me up the way no human ever could
Sustain me with your life giving caffein
Through study, conversation, recreation, you are there
I enjoy you all over the world, day or night, hot or cold
Monday morning, Friday night, Winter or Summer
Some say our relationship is unhealthy, dependent even
But I say haters gonna hate- we are perfect together
Without you I am depresso
You are and always will be my number one bae
I love you coffee
Vamers-Humour-Successfully-Installed-Java-Main 04c4d76e76e13d2b56cb82aadd045cb5.jpg


Question of the Day
What was your first true love?! Any other coffee enthusiasts out there?

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