The Griffith Observatory

IMG_0754Since returning home from Germany three months ago, I’ve set out on a campaign to explore my lovely home city of Los Angeles. Sometimes I find myself longing for the mystery and excitement of life abroad, when every day was a new, foreign adventure. But then I remind myself that there is so much I have yet to explore in my own backyard! Adventure is a lifestyle, not a specific place or time. Getting out and finding beauty and wonder in your surroundings is always an option, no matter your circumstances.

And so, last Saturday, my little brother and I grabbed our cameras and paid a visit to the Griffith Observatory. Without a doubt, the Griffith Observatory offers one of the prettiest and most expansive views of the Los Angeles basin. You can see everything- the hills, the ocean, the skyscrapers of downtown, the Hollywood sign, everything. Although I’ve been here before, the view took my breath away the moment I stepped out of the car. Built in the 1930’s as a work project during the Great Depression, Colonel Griffith wanted to make astronomy accessible to the public, and insisted admission stay free, which it has more than 80 years later! Whether you are a ‘science geek’ or not, I would highly recommend a visit- it is as educational as it is beautiful.

Below are a few pictures of our time, if you’d like to see! IMG_0782IMG_0664IMG_0671  ^Doesn’t the observatory look slightly futuristic in this photo?! It reminds me of Star Wars for some reason… IMG_0771IMG_0752IMG_0792IMG_0745 ^The sunset was out of this world beautiful.IMG_0659IMG_0652IMG_0622  ^There she is, that famous symbol of this great city! gdfs IMG_0829IMG_0677IMG_0728IMG_0721
IMG_0814^I lucked out in the little brother lottery. Gonna miss this kid when he goes off to college next year! IMG_0817IMG_0812IMG_0808Question of the Day
Have you gone on any recent adventures in your home town? Do tell!

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